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Basic Information for european players pls!

    • Basic Information for european players pls!

      Hey guys!
      At first sorry for my english. I´m from germany but i hope u will understand me =)
      In germany bless online is "comming soon". We don´t know when we can play it.
      So i hope u can share some experiences with me and my friends and give us some infromation and tipps.
      Can u play all 8 classes now? Can u give us some statments about them? I know there are other Threads with a lot of facts and information but i can´t read them all.
      Is there a class which can do important dungeons/raids solo? Which class is very strong in Pve? How is the equipment built? do i have to farm new weapons and armor every time or get i 1 set and have to upgrade it
      with things i have to farm? Does the strength depends on players skill or will the one with better equipment win in pvp? is there a extra set pvp and pve equipment?or is it all in one? I´d like to prefer a melee . I dont like pussy assasins i am more the heavy tank but it dont have to be a full tank. which class can run into a lot of monsters and kill them without diying? exist such a class? i have lot of questions and we are waiting for bless since 4 years. i hope it will released this summer :S
      greetz from germany :thumbsup:
    • Hi Comma,

      first of all, this Forum have a german section and I think it makes more sense for you to post your questions into the German section.

      About your question:
      Apox have build some videos with a lot of informations. I believe this will answer some questions. All other question are not easy to answer in
      in 2 or 3 words here.

      Better switch to the German section.

      Also there are some Guilds which can answer your question in TS oder DISCORD in German language.

      Best regards


      P.s.: Honestly, I don't believe the game will release in summer in EU/NA ... I think it is more at the end of the year early 2018.