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Allooo ~!

    • Heya Bless online community, been stalking these forums for the past few weeks and finally decided to join. I'm NA, so I'm in part of the waiting game for Bless, and while currently busying myself with BDO, TERA, and Marvel Heroes for my online gaming experience. While all those games are fun, I've waited for Bless for awhile and only recently found out the project was still operational, which I am incredibly exicted about.

      I've played a lot of MMOs. Everquest was my first, tip toed in WoW, but Aion was my first MMO that I was really loyal due. The way the pvp works in this world very much reminds me of Aion. As an RPer theres a lot of misconception that we only PVE, that is entirely wrong. I enjoy PVP in a good, balanced system, that has a point. Unforunately I find a lot of MMOs have pretty pointless PVP, thus I rather just PVE. I am definitely looking forward to all the community has to offer and the updates as they come.

      It's a long hall I'm sure for Bless in NA, but I'm glad they've decided to revamp the combat system and better it. I really do not want a repeat of BnS in release, that was poor cared for, poorly translated, and just handled awful. Definitely hoping to see a lot more out of Bless's beautiful world, lore, and engaging races/classes. Have tried RU or KR versions of the game yet, I'm pretty much just stalking game articles and people's posts here about their experience. Anyways glad to be here.
    • Definitely going UNION as far as factions, my inner Asmo demands the rebel faction alignment. As far as race so far I'm favoring Aqua Elf & Iblis with heavy interest in Mystic, Assassin, and Warlock (when it eventually releases).