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CULT Looking for HC NA PvPers! (KR 4 Now)

    • CULT Looking for HC NA PvPers! (KR 4 Now)

      Server: Longest Server Name

      Faction: Union


      Age Requirement: 18+ No EXCEPTIONS!

      NA Server: As Tradition, We will be going to the first server on the list. And we will be Union.

      Mission Statement:
      CULT, (Formerly, Cult of Shadows). Is a Multi Game PvP based gaming clan. We have been a Clan since 2010, and spanned many games. In the pursuit of PvP content, from Greifing, GPvP, WPvP, Arena, and just any form of PvP we can find.

      We also fill our rosters with trolling individuals. We fill a niche that few really do in the gaming community. To be Amazing, PvPers that are the most toxic guild/clan/group in any game we play. We thrive on Toxicity, and the tears of those we play against. We have been referred to as "Closet Psychopaths", however this is false. We are not in the closest!

      CULT, pretty much never forms alliances, This clan is PvX in the truest sense of the word. If you are a member of CULT, it is us against everyone, Always! That said, in games like this, we do make "Friends" and "Deals". That may include, working with the enemy faction to better ourselves! We hold no Allegiance to Union, its Guilds, or its Members, we just like the dragon icon better.

      WARNING: Being a member of this guild can be difficult for some. We are always a target of Hate, Harassment, Insults, Excluded from server wide events, Trade restrictions, KOS to all, ECT. This play style fits us and we like it, we can help you to deal with the repercussions of our behavior. However if you are a sensitive person, look elsewhere. By wearing our tag you make yourself a target of deserved hatred.
      A lot of players in the MMO community are toxic, and will get some hate, however we dont hide it. We embrace it.

      Display Spoiler

      As stated, we have a long history of being a guild, We focus primarily in PvP games, though we have been in some that are more PvE focused with PvP aspects (ESO, WOW, FF14). Though most of our Enjoyment comes from PvP based games. Which we have been in quite a few. Our most recent Adventure took us through years of playing Archeage, our guilds type really had a shine in Archeage. We played on Aranzeb, Morpheous, and for a short time Reckoning.

      With the sad death of Archeage, We find ourselves thristy for an MMO to play, and Enjoy. We had been hearing whispers about Bless for some time, and decided to land ourselves on RU servers to get a learning before NA launch.

      Goals In Bless (RU):
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      Our Goals in Bless RU, are to learn the game inside and out. This is not our end game, We will be moving to NA the second the servers open for Beta. This is a stepping stone, a Place to Garner knowledge to gain an Advantage over other guilds/players come NA launch.

      While we realize that a lot may change between now and then. Having a core understanding of the game before even NA Beta Launch, is a serious Advantage!

      While we will take RU semi seriously, and try to be a little competitive, we will only be doing so to learn. So we will be more lenient on participation, and goals. The Times of events, and such also set a tough spot for many of our members. And we understand this.

      What we are looking for:
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      We are still new to Bless, though our core (who we have been able to pull into Russian Bless so far lol) Are very experienced MMO Players. For this reason, at this time we are recruiting any Class, and Any skill level. We are here in RU to learn, Learn the classes, Learn the game, as said above. So until we have a better understanding of Classes ect. It is open recruitment!

      We are looking for players that have similar goals. Whether they plan to come to NA with us or not, we do not care. If you would like to however, we would love it. We want to learn the game together and have fun doing it!

      If you are looking for a guild that will stay in RU forever, and treat it as such. I am sorry to say we are not that guild. We will do Sieges, and other activities as our schedules allow.

      However we are here mainly as a learning experience.

      Oh you Must speak some English, We are use to not everyone speaking English as First Language, So broken English is fine.

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      Our Expectations of you is to learn, and help the rest of the guild learn. That is all we are here for currently. We would like it if you could make it to events, or activities with the guild. However it will not be Mandatory.

      I must say and I can not stress this enough, if you are new to CULT, and do not know how we operate. Please realize, our leniency in RU will not carry to NA. We are a pretty laid back guild for the most part. We are not militaristic like some. However we do set goals and we do want to meet them. And you will see a dynamics change when switching to NA. Such as mandatory Participation, Gear Expectations (where usually pretty loose about this, but you must be progressing), and the Like.)

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      First and Foremost lets get this out of the way. This is going to seem backwards for CULT, but we do mean it! Keep Trolling in Game to a minimum and Maintain respect when doing it!

      Trolling: This guild is built on PvP and Trolling, and we get that, we are trolls too. However this is not our country's server, We are guests here. We are not even actually supposed to be on these servers, and you know that. So WE Must show respect to our hosts! We need their help to learn the game and such. These servers are a blessing of Advantage in our own servers to come, please treat them as such. A little banter is fine, some mild trolling okay, I know better than to say None. But keep it respectful and playful.

      Bless Forums: trolling will not be tolerated. This site is not ran by the game company, it is ran by people that want to help this community. Again they are a valuable resource, one that they do not have to give. They need to be respected for doing so. DO NOT TROLL ON BLESS FORUMS PERIOD! Mods if you read this, and a Member wearing CULT Tags, is giving you any problems, let me know they will be immediately removed from guild. Members same for you, however I will need SS's of the offense.

      Discord: is loosely mandatory, normally we would say if you are on, you are in comms, Period. It will be that way in NA, however here, we just ask that you are in comms. As your leaders hate typing, we are lazzy. You do not need to speak, but at least be able to listen.

      If we are doing guild events, you need to be in comms to come with.

      Thats pretty much Guidelines, for RU. We are just in learning mode so pretty loosey goosey atm.

      If you have any Questions, feel free to PM Daemonic, in game, here, or jump in discord.


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    • setsua55 wrote:

      Is this guild still looking for members?
      Hey set, umm Kind of, We will be more actively recruiting soon closer to NA release. We are not currently playing the rebuild, we are just in holding till NA release.

      We are currently playing WoW and Gw2, while we wait for NA, as we have learned all we needed, and there is no point playing on KR servers to get wiped.

      However you are more than welcome to join our Discord, and we can help with questions in the game ect, before NA launch, and get a spot when that happens.