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BloodDragons - International Guild lvl 9 on гиракон Server (Hieron Faction)

    • BloodDragons - International Guild lvl 9 on гиракон Server (Hieron Faction)

      Dear hero,

      If you are one of those who are looking for an English speaking guild on
      гиракон Server (Hieron Faction) then, you are reading the right thread !

      Our community has currently around 40 active players from five different continents
      and we are recruiting all classes. We use Discord for voice chat.

      To join, pm us in game and don't reply to this post as we are not checking it often !

      Players to contact: Syena, Kahn, MrWiggles, Kandise
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    • Hey Fellas,

      our english speaking guild grew up to a big one during the last months.

      We have ppl, that are basically doing pvp, some are running the actual lvl 50 dungeons (just cleared the sleeping ruins), a lot are doing the basel canyon quests every day and others are running sieges at castro.

      So you see, that the guild does nearly everything.

      You always find ppl to play with and have fun.

      We use Discord for interim communication and have guildmates from all over the world.

      If you wanna be a part of the guild (which is testing out the content for eu release), contact Syena, Kandise, Kahn, Kahno, MrWiggles or Flowerpot for an invite.

      We are waiting for you. :D



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