Patchnotes of 02. March 2017

    • Patchnotes of 02. March 2017

      Hey there, probably all of you are interested in the patch notes, changes and updates.
      I never wrote an official thread nor is this the official thread, it's just a amateur summary of the patch notes.
      Here is the source:…ta-spisok-izmenenij.5751/

      Patch Content: "New Horizons"

      New Content:

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      1. Max level increased to 50.

      2. Additional daily tasks for players above level 45.

      3. New Areas unlocked and continuation of the main quest line (above level 45).

      Areas: Bellops; Blazing Desert

      4. New dungeon "Zito Laboratories" for a group of 5 players of level 50.

      The new dungeon contains parts for the new epic (not legendary) sets of armor and weapons for level 50.

      5. New epic and legendary "sets of armor and weapons"-recipes crafted with PVP-rewarded materials.

      6. Обновлен ассортимент магазина у секретаря Империи и секретаря Союза. Теперь в нем можно приобрести броню и оружие из легендарного комплекта приговора, эпические руны и статуи воскрешения для гильдии. (absolutely no clue how to translate this, but i guess: Updates for the NPC who sells Items, which can be bought with the guild currency "Realm Points")

      7. 2 new Ranks for the PVP-Rating.

      8. Added a functionality to manage daily and weekly tasks.

      9. New NPCs, which sell Items for dungeon/honor points.

      10. In the capital cities will be statues of the currently leading guild(s) in this area.

      11. Players can now select a guild emblem. More design options unlock with guild level 5 and guild level 10.

      12. Guilds wars will be added.

      13. Just like the "Arena Pandemoniya" there will be a new arena in Bellops suited for players level 48 and above.


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      1. Updated rewards for each PVP-Rating.
      (Please comment with exact info to this)

      2. Changed recipe and characteristics for the epic/legendary level 45 armor/weapons crafted with PVP-Material.

      3. Kings quest will now be only available for players level 50, who completed the main quest line.

      4. Updated prizes for Basel Reward-chests.

      5. Updated prize for participating in the world boss event.

      6. Lowered health, attack, defense, XP-Reward for normal monsters from level 1-29.

      7. Low level dungeons will be easier (dungeon Belmont, Giscard Refuge, Sleeping Ruins, Sapiensa mausoleum)

      8. Lowered stats of elite monsters (so players can easier solo them).

      9. Increased XP-Reward for all Quests from level 1-29.

      10. When a player dies in a dungeon, he gets revived inside the dungeon instead of outside the dungeon.

      11. Increased stats for all monsters and NPCs in Basel.

      12. Outdated recipes have been removed.


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      1. "Experience/Experience needed for next level" will now be displayed in % on the bottom XP-Bar.

      2. Opening the "Improved Equipment"-Window now automatically also opens the "Inventory"-Window.

      3. NPCs needed for the completion of a task/quest now get a marker on the map, that can automatically walk the player to its location.

      4. Players can now be invited by left-clicking its name in the chat (no more unnecessary friendlist-adding).

      5. В верхнем меню игры активирован пункт Поручение. (no clue again, srry guys^^ will update this thread as soon as i know the answer)

      6. A "Guild War"-Tab will be added to the "Guild Management"-Window.

      7. Rune Synthesis Window removed from the menu, because its currently not functional. (lets see what means, maybe because they plan an update on the rune synthesis that is less punishing after a failed synthesis)

      8. Added a recommendation for best-to-use-as class(es) for each set of armor.

      Other updates:

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      1. Localization fixes of NPCs, resources and terrain.

      2. Fixed voice acting and cinematics of the main quest line and other quests

      3. Improvements to reduce lags.

      If you find any mistakes (grammar, information, or else) please point them out, so i can correct this thread =)

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    • Hi guys. I've been playing fine for the past week with the english patch. As you know the game got patched and when I log in, of course, is all in russian. A friend of mine tried to use the old english patch for the new update but he didn't succeed. Is it still working for you? Are you still using the old english patch or just playing/not playing in russian? :) Thanks in advance