Nintendo Switch - Your Opinions?

    • Nintendo Switch - Your Opinions?

      Well since it is less than one week away from the release of Nintendo's new console I was just curious about what you guys think about it in general/details. Also about other stuff concerning the Switch like Release Line-Up, price, etc.

      Well speaking for myself I am getting one since I kinda wanted to jump back on the console wagon for one and also since Breath of the Wild sparked my interest.
      On another note I also have to say that I am a bit disappointed with the Line-Up titles however I do think that with the Indie Games, BotW and so forth you can make the gap between release and Mario Kart 8 Deluxe. Maybe in the coming weeks virtual console will also make it's way to the Switch... well would be awesome but well.... I can only hope.

      Anyway what do you guys think about it?
    • I'm a sucker for Nintendo, but even I think the Switch is just "eh" for now. If you already have a WiiU then you likely have played Mario Kart 8 and Splatoon by now, and Breath of the Wild soon.

      Until some sort of Switch only game comes out that I want, I'll pass on it.
    • well I never got the wii u since I kind of stuck with playing mmos and tbh I didn't really care much about it since the whole concept didn't really spark my interest.

      Anyway I just hope they will attract enough 3rd party support to ensure that the console stays healthy
    • Underpowered.

      Concept is good, but the technology is not quite there yet. Downscaling while off dock is fine, but only getting around 2-4 hours of 3D gaming on battery kinda kills the concept of "Take your games everywhere! ...but just for 2 hours though".

      I won't be getting a Switch on launch or most likely not even this year at all (until a "Switch Pro" happens, if it happens). I don't just buy "handheld" (since Switch is a hybrid) consoles for the games they offer (and the Switch doesn't even offer any), but also for the other things it can do (emulation, homebrew etc.)

      From a performance standpoint, the Switch is not worth my while. IF it would support Android games at least, I could consider, but the Switch itself, at this point, is rather disappointing, and I did not even talk about the insanely high accessory cost yet.
    • I will not be getting Nintendo Switch any time soon as much as I like to play new and upcoming games, I just was able to afford a Wii U and have all the other consoles, I just would rather enjoy my Wii U a bit longer and let them work out the bugs on the switch as well.