<Pure Luck> (Looking for hardcore PvPers for NA release)

    • Grissom wrote:

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      Grissom wrote:

      Nice list you got there. I would like to chat more with you in discord (typing of course since you are more comfortable with that). We are looking for quality players who are good at not just only pvp, but pve as well since dungeons are very important to complete in the game.Here is our discord: discord.gg/8rBDcZv

      Just join there and message the guild leader.
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      What is going on in here? :O
    • We will be keeping an eye out for Bless in the future for NA. It depends on how long it will take to come over. Once we hear news about official NA release, then we will think about getting back into playing KR-Bless again.

      Hopefully to see everyone in the future again! Good luck on whatever games your playing until then!
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