<Pure Luck> (Looking for hardcore PvPers for NA release)

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    • <Pure Luck> (Looking for hardcore PvPers for NA release)

      <Pure Luck> is recruiting active players looking to join the North American server on it’s release. We primarily focus on PvP and Siege type content and we’re looking for competent PvP players to join us. We require that our people know how to be self-sufficient when necessary, and we aren’t interested in hand-holding.

      We require a commitment to PvP activity when online so that the guild can achieve milestones such as Sieges, World Bosses, and GvG's. Our guild was created by a team of people who have end game experience in Korea. We have a history in working together on multiple MMO's such as Aion, Archeage, Black Desert, and Elder Scrolls Online.

      A few details:
      -Extensively experienced bless and it’s inner-workings.
      -Events such as world bosses and sieges are included into our daily routine.
      -Researched most of the end-game content/dungeons along with how most of the mechanics work.
      -Involved with other guilds who are willing to cooperate during capital sieges when necessary.
      -Especially focused on capital sieges/GvG’s.

      What is expected:
      *Discord is strictly required.
      *We will be playing Union.

      *We only prefer classes such as:
      -Berserker (We want many of you!)
      -Paladin (We love our healers)
      (Classes such as Mystic and Warlock will depend on if NA will have them for launch.)

      This is a long-term guild; we’re looking to launch fresh and stick with Bless for the foreseeable future. We need people who want to stick around and who don’t start drama or let drama affect them.

      While we wait for Bless to release to NA, we are playing the Korean version. We have our Bless-Discord server up and running. If you’d like more information, send the guild leaders or officers a private message in Discord. discord.gg/Fj5THtS

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