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[Pure Luck] - Competitive | Experienced | Heiron | NA

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    • [Pure Luck] - Competitive | Experienced | Heiron | NA

      Quality > Quantity

      <Pure Luck> is recruiting ACTIVE players looking to join the North American server on it’s release. We primarily focus on PvP and Siege type content and we’re looking for competent PvP players to join us. We require that our people know how to be self-sufficient when necessary, and we aren’t interested in hand-holding. We are not a community-sized guild and will only have a solid 100-120 members.

      We require a commitment to PvP activity when online so that the guild can achieve milestones such as Sieges, World Bosses, and GvG's. Our guild was created by a team of people who have end game experience in Korea and Japan. We have a history in working together on multiple MMO's such as Aion, Archeage, and Black Desert.

      A few details:
      -We have been playing on the KR servers since September of 2016 and JP servers since OBT launch.
      -Extensively experienced bless and it’s inner-workings along with dungeon runs.
      -Events such sieges are already included into our daily routine in Japan.
      -Know all mechanics of each dungeon (this includes the level 50 dungeons and 10 man raids. Mechanics to the dungeons are the same after rebuild changes)
      -We are prepared for whatever comes at us for NA launch such as a detailed plan and important goals that members need to aim for.
      -Focused around on Capital City, 100v100 sieges, and open world pvp. (Mass PvP content where it matters, along with 10 man raids for when they release)

      We have been running and completing the level 43, 45, and 10 man raid dungeons on japan to get everyone geared up. We know the exact mechanics to make the boss fights 10x easier on the group.

      What is expected:
      *Discord is strictly required during pvp/raid activity for communication.
      *We are mainly playing Japan-Bless on Hieron faction until the release of NA on Steam.
      *We will have a strict class composition for the guild. This is to ensure victory in PvP.

      To join, fill out this recruitment form so we can get a better understanding of your schedule/activity, a little bit about your gaming experiences, and see if you qualify to join the guild: (If you do not hear back from us soon, it means you did not make it)

      This is a long-term guild; we’re looking to launch fresh and stick with Bless for the foreseeable future. We need people who want to stick around and who don’t start drama or let drama affect them.

      While we wait for Bless to release to NA, we are playing the Japanese version. We have our Bless-Discord server up and running. If you’d like more information, send the guild leader a private message in Discord.

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    • There are more english speaking people every week who are trying out KR-bless. So if anyone is interested in playing it, now's the time! Can experience and learn the dungeons with us.
    • **UPDATE:**

      I do have 2 KR accounts for people to borrow or give away to use. Anyone from the NA area that is a hardcore pvper who want to try out bless with us, send us a PM in discord.
    • We will be experiencing all of the new content that Korea brings us, all the way till NA launch (And possibly beyond). This is to ensure our member's are never behind in gear or runes.

      We want what is best for the guild so we can get end-game gear quickly, to pvp more.
    • ho wow man this guild looks so good, i been in some shitty guilds in my Archeage days but man this one blows them all out of the water! looking forward ot Bless!!! :)

      the Criminal Mastermind Arrow offers his aid to your cause fair and noble guild!