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Can SEA players play this server?

    • Can SEA players play this server?

      Hello hi from Malaysia here. Just curious.. can we SEA players playing this game? in term of RU or KR server. Please elaborate on how to install and step need to do. Really appreciate it.. keep watching youtube for this game.. =.=
    • Technically, anyone, with no regard to their location, can play the game, but unless you're located in Russia or South Korea, you'll need a VPN to launch the game due to the IP block.

      First up, you'll need to download the client you want to play on, and make an account. For the russian server, you can create an account for free, but for the KR client, you can't really register outside of Korea, but you can still buy an account for as low as ~2$. If you're using google chrome, you can use it's translation feature to navigate the game's sites more easily. Also for the bits the browser won't translate, (images, etc.) you can use the Google Translator smartphone app which lets you take pictures of the things you want translated, real handy.

      You can download the Korean client here, and the Russian client here. Just click on the big red (or blue) buttons and you're go.
      Once your download & install are complete, you'll likely want to set up an English patch, which you can find a whole thread about here. Basically what you do is download the patch, extract the zip, copy it's files to your game's directory (e.g. BLESS/BLGame/Localization/RUS) and overwrite.

      As for launching the game itself, the Russian client provides you with a portal-like launcher, where you just click play. Trick here is that you need to be connected to a Russian VPN for it to even let you launch the game. The internet's full of different VPN providers, but many here use a little free service called SoftEther. Check it here, they should have pretty detailed info on how to use the service. Do note that the free Russian VPN servers are notoriously unreliable, and you might not always be able to connect. So, now you connect to a VPN, and click play in the launcher (the green button). Once you see the Bless splash screen, you should disconnect from the VPN, as you don't need it to actually play the game, just to launch it. If you do this after the game starts, you'll simply get disconnected from the game, so you definitely want to do it while the game is launching. As for the Korean version, the process is similar, but you don't have a launcher like the Russian version has, instead, you go to their website, log in, and click this button.

      To be able to launch the game, you need to be connected to a Korean VPN. You can use SoftEther here, too, and luckily, the Korean servers you find there are much more reliable and readily available. Again, once you see the splash screen, you're free to disconnect from the VPN. Here you might encounter some problems launching the game: you see the launcher itself, but once it has finished all updates, and would normally launch the game, it just shuts off and the game is nowhere to be seen. There's a simple fix for this, go to Program Data on your computer, by default it's hidden, so you might need to enable showing hidden files and folders in your file explorer's settings. In Program Data, go to Neowiz/Pmang/Bless/ where you should find an executable, launcher.exe. Open that up, and it should give you a popup that looks like a garbled error message (unless you have your system language set to Korean). Do not click 'ok' on it, just ignore it and leave it open. Next, go to the Bless website and attempt to launch it as normal. Once again, when you see the Bless splash screen, click 'ok' on the garbled error message pop up and disconnect from your VPN.

      Long post, but it's not the most simple process either. Hope this helps, feel free to ask if I left something unclear.
    • IP block can skipped using a VPN, that's right.
      Google it for gaming VPNs or my suggestion would be to use PureVPN to climb this wall.
      In other Europe countries VPNs are legal but I don't know why Russia is doing that. In Asia, China has also started doing the same thing. :(
      Well, try it out and let me know too.
    • Hello, i recommend you to wait until the western version of Bless will be release quite soon(i guess), but as others said you may need a VPN to connect to the game the same as it is in KR or EU/NA. If you know very well English then it may be easier for you the western version.
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