Pinned [Topic of the Month] Bless KR down to 1 Server. What went wrong? And how to prevent a western failure?

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    • [Topic of the Month] Bless KR down to 1 Server. What went wrong? And how to prevent a western failure?

      Things are not going well in korea for bless. After starting with 10 servers around 1 year ago, the game is down to 1 single server. The idea is not to create a mega server tho, the game is just dead. But what went wrong in your opinion?
      I guess the lack of content updates is to blame. Other MMOs simply offer much more and Bless still lacks on many features such as a dungeon finder, dynamic events and daily activities after reaching the endcontent. The game is also a disaster for people who are trying to get into the game. Duo to some gamedesign mistakes a lot of content is dead and irrelevant.
      At this point i honestly don't believe that some combat system changes and not making the game pay2win will be enough to have a stable playerbase, although Aeria REALLY has a big opportunity by offering a fair cashshop after the latest F2P Pay2Win titles. Imagine how many people will try the game when the media, streamer, youtuber etc. say something like: "Bless is the only fair F2P Game right now, go play it." my opinion the game needs...

      -More content updates (Not more areas or higher levelcap, simply more to focus on in endcontent)
      -More daily activities
      -More timebased events (Boss Events, Monsters are attacking villages etc.)
      -Open world PvP Events
      -Dungeon finder with a daily random dungeon queue and level synchronization with useful rewards for all levels to prevent dead content (Remove this pay x Lumena for more loot bullshit when you are on it)
      -Dungeon hardmodes. Shoudl't be that hard to change some numbers i think. Just adjust the Dungeons to level 50 in terms of mobs and rewards
      -Hardcore Content (Like Stage-Based Dungeon that gets more difficult from floor to floor and hard bosses like )
      -Usual MMO Features such as Gear Dyeing, Gear Preview, Skin Transfer, Housing, Guild Houses, Content for Guilds, Achievements...
    • I think the first problem on the KR server is the fact when he has open, all players around the world test it, like it or not, some players stoped and wait for the EU release, then RU server opened, without needed of paying for an account, so a large amount of players moved to RU server, so the KR server slowly went empty.

      But yes some features need to be added, in an MMO that's an important thing, maybe after the EU release, Neowiz will get more time to work on feature than modify actual features for AG version. Only the time will tell us if that's just it or not.

      When I see the popularity of the game in Russia and EU/US I think Bless have good days in front of him in our countrys... I hope :x
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    • A lot of my korean guildmates says Bless is empty and the end game content at the moment is just farming up runes and mats (soon the high end gear will be released on the 17th with the dungeon update) for armor

      btw bless does have hardmode/lvl 50 versions of dungeons for instance the lvl 30 dungeon in the southern jungle
      and another one i can't think of right now

      there definitely needs to be more events, it's really not much to do outside of farming for good gear, because when that's over you've nothing to do
      queues for 100v100 are even taking a long time because the server is that empty (and i'm talking about the first 200 players not 2nd or 3rd making of 100v100)

      many features are missing such as view other players armor, armor reskinning etc.

      just a lot needs to be done to give bless a fighting chance and longevity
    • well the thing is - after gearing up - what to do?

      I'm not sure how the new guild vs guild update as well as the new territory system work right now but ultimately it is nothing more than

      Leveling up - gearing up - waiting for content - gearing up and/or leveling up - waiting for content.

      They already have faction balance in place so I don't really get why they didn't open up the possibilities for PvP like making the World Boss fights more interesting with for example adding multiple phases, adding a higher number of players, etc. etc. etc.

      The pet system could be used as endgame content if some pets had some unique skill sets per type (demon, human, beasts, fairies, etc. etc.) and if they actually added true unique pets like worldbosses and field bosses to the roster.

      PvP needs to be a little more rewarding. Right at this point Open PvP is literally just ganking and fighting over dungeon entrances which is also quite easy to do since you can just switch channels which is in my view pretty pretty boring but well....

      Territorial system - not sure how it works now but I expected a little more faction vs faction action such as conquering the other faction territories and if you hold a certain amount of territories or a certain combination of territories then you can attack the capital or so (like onslaught in UT). Also give the owning guild options to fortify the zone against attackers like more patrols which could use pets as defenders, towers which have to be crafted or even a combination of both. The better the pet - the higher the protection. If it get's killed - you have to get a new one. So you need a certain supply of good worthy pets.

      General zone events - not as detailed as GW2 but still with some trigger. Right now you rush through the zones and sometimes never look back.

      Dungeons - actually I like the dungeons as they are however all dungeons need a hard mode.

      Gear - introduce durability and item decay in order to generate the need for equipment and resources. Also death - in my view - should matter and right now it doesn't. If anything it slows down your progress. Just pop a pigeon and merry leveling.

      Crafting - make crafting more open and more central and add some flavor to it for example introduce several ore types and add custom stats to them. (Iron = Defense, etc. etc. etc.) I guess that could involve some time too as well as with the combination of the territorial fortification it could add some deeper meaning being a high level crafter.

      I have to admit that some of these points are wishful thinking and actually require a lot of resources / reworks. However as initially said - the game itself is a good foundation - even with the flawed controls but unless they let players generate some of the content I doubt that one year into the NA/EU version or even the RU version will result in the same scenario.
    • I am new to online gaming so I know little. The game is in development and not finished yet. Right? Could it be impatience for the finished product?

      Or is the whole thing more complicated?

      *ducking for cover while waiting for answer*
    • I think Bless was released too early, without a lot of basic features, poor optimization and almost no endgame content. They have been improving a lot of things since Blazing Fire has arrived and I'm happy with the effort they are putting on the game since the 2CBT. The game itself has an amazing world, races, details and landscapes, but korean market has changed a lot and I don't think we are going to see too many pc games with a lot of servers like we used to see some years ago, korean primary market now is mobile. I'd like to see sieges with no instanced zones, 10vs10 or 6vs6 events and the world boss system reworked. More skills would be good as well (I got only 2 skills from lv45 to lv50).. btw, I love the game and I'll continue to play until it becomes p2w.
    • From what I have heard from other koreans, one reason that Bless is not doing so well in Korea is because there is already too much competition in MMORPGs already. If you look here at this website, it shows on a daily basis of what are the most popular games in Korea. The top 15 as been up and down but mostly the same games, and older one's to be exact.

      I believe as long as Aeria games does not create a cash shop that will piss people off, and gives us small updates monthly, if not then big updates every 3 months like Korea does, then players will stick with the game. Bless seems to aimed towards people who can't no-life like *cough* black desert...archeage *cough*. Bless gives the no-lifers small goals they can work for, and also gives the working-class players a way to keep up on being competitive in pvp.
    • As someone who has played this game even before OBT 2016 and a little longer than Symeria, I can say they just taken to long to develop the game. I played this game pack in 2011-2012 in PC rooms KR. As well as Archeage And they had many updates to both games that Archeage itself has almost put out what it had back then, but Bless has taken forever to put out what it shoed off in PC rooms KR years ago.

      If this game was released around the same time Archeage even in KR, ithad an ok base. But people have moved on from that type of game. The game itself is great. No other game has an emersive open world, so much artwork on mobs, and detail to the world. But the playerbase has changed. No longer are huge group contents great vs solo play. Even in KR from 6am to 6pm almost no world events, no major reason to sign on daily and keep people logged in.

      I do remember the lady in Union capitol sending us north to the icelands in a air balloon. That will come this April or summer. If they could add a player vs player minion 3v3 arena that be cool or instanced farm for all tamed pets. Jump on the pokeyman band wagon.

      Some people want navel combat, even the KR version i played years ago didnt have that so don't expect it. But 51-55 content iwill chgange much. IBless does do much right. Even in monthly packages Pve package pvp package.

      I think even the 51-55 patch in northlands opened up taming flying pets. again it was years ago but i remember when northlands opened it did change much and the lady in union capitol sent sus there. "storyline, air balloon.

      I want this game to succeed. I dont even careif its a mass player game. Tehy could sell it like a Elder crolls game, pay a sub and update content every three months.
    • Furia wrote:

      I guess the lack of content updates is to blame. Other MMOs simply offer much more and Bless still lacks on many features such as a dungeon finder, dynamic events and daily activities after reaching the endcontent. The game is also a disaster for people who are trying to get into the game. Duo to some gamedesign mistakes a lot of content is dead and irrelevant.
      This can be summarized in "lack of foresight"
      That's the main issue that Neowiz\Aeria Games need to address before the western release, in the Russian beta many ppl ignored the dungeon finder and played only in guilds because there's NO incentive to use the dungeon finder and moreover a serious lack of rewards for veteran players (a.k.a mentors) to help new players to gear themselves like in FF14.
      Bless Online heavily relies on mass pvp, the question is how can you have mass PvP and a good amount of players if the game doesn't help new players to settle and grow their guilds?
    • makes me sad reading this.
      Ohw well im new to the RU server and just explore the stuff, when i qeue for the 2 lvl 13 dungeons i dont get a all....sadly
      but yeah i think 10 servers are to much anyway for a game.
      and Lmao at blackdesert being #74 on the list XD so bad
      RU Bless Server Warrior and mage
      both low lvl.
    • New

      Honestly, i played a lot of MMOs and Betas, for a Beta with level cap 45 this game has a lot of things to do.

      The Daily worldboss, monster arena and Castra Quests. Also the PVP and RVR.

      Just playing through the game with all the Monster Quests and taming adds a huge time-eater/hobby to the endgame.

      Most games really only get going at level 60 or higher and Bless does this already at 45.

      I'm sure this is only a Beta Problem. If they keep making content, it should become a really good MMO.
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