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BLESS Chronicles: Part 1 & 2.

    • BLESS Chronicles: Part 1 & 2.

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      I have taken up translating posts on Bless RU forums, so today I bring you some more translations of lore of the world of Bless. This information was posted in 2 parts on the Russian Bless forums by the Bless 101xp team. You can find the original sources here for part 1, and here for part 2. If you are interested in the lore of Bless you can also check out one of my largest translations detailing history and background of all major races of the world of Bless here! I appreciate all the support, feel free to message me with any requests or suggestions here, or on discord: laufielol#6515. <3

      (dt) - direct translation, meaning the word was translated phonetically from Russian, and may not have the same pronunciation or spelling in the North American version.
      t/n - translator's note, signifies my thoughts/contributions to the text from my own knowledge and opinions, that weren't written in the original translated text by the original author.

      - First Chronicle -

      Creation of the World:

      Many centuries ago the first ancient race was born from within the powers of Chaos, creatures who are now called the Old Gods. The Gods created the skies and the land, but their most proud creation was life itself. The first living beings created by the Gods were savage beings - wild animal-like creatures. The Gods relentlessly mastered the art of creation, but their actions were chaotic, which lead to the images created by the Gods to embody Providence, the personification of which became Physis (dt). Physis (pictured above) vigorously rejected the Gods. Most of them were forced into servitude to Physis, while others fled into the endless abyss.

      Physis created 5 dragons - the guardians of the elements. These dragons traveled the world searching for seeds of Chaos that remained from the reign of the Old Gods. However, one of the seeds of Chaos sprouted and gave rise to Giants who wanted to live by their own rules. Dragons stood in their way, and a war followed that wiped out all Giants. The last to fall was the firstborn Giant Ymir, and from drops of his blood two other races came to be: Titans and Gnomes. In a quest to save themselves from the wrath of the Titans, Gnomes hid themselves in deep caves and one day discovered the Primeval Gates (t/n: I think the Primeval Gates are the same thing as the Gates of Dimension from the Race Lore thread. The gates that the Fedayin were watching over and that let the demons into their world, forcing them to flee. Just a speculation). Due to this discovery, hordes of demons poured in through the gates, followed by the Old Gods who once again entered the world they were banished from. The Old Gods taught Gnomes craftsmanship skills, however their interest in their students was lost quickly. The Titans were given the power of Chaos by the Old Gods, in return for a pledge to destroy this world. The dragons resisted, and managed to overthrow the Titans, but losing a lot of energy and power they entered deep slumber. The Gnomes after becoming liberated from the Titan's oppression traveled South, where they built their stone kingdom of Urgand.

      Era of Two Kingdoms:

      The chronicles say that Physis was enlightened with the importance of the cycle of life and death in the world. So he planted one of the seeds of Chaos into the ground, that sprouted and grew into the Tree of Life - Lilianthes, and as a result the first Elves were born from its fruit. Within the deep forests around the Tree of Life arose the Elven civilization by the name of El-Gradis. El-Gradis and Urgand shortly became allies united under the common goal of protecting their borders from the savage tribes. However, the Golden era of the two nations didn't last longer than a thousand years.

      The first of the sleeping dragons to wake was Vanthus (pictured above), who felt like an outsider in the world that changed so much since before his slumber, and went on to swallow all seeds of Chaos collected by his brethren in an attempt to prevent change. As a result, he became crazed and attacked the Elves and the Gnomes. Much blood was spilled, many homes burned to the ground, before the two united races fought off Vanthus' wrathful fiery invasion and managed to seal him away within his lair. However, the Gnome nation found themselves on the brink of extinction as a result of the dragon's attack. Elves on the other hand, lost their beloved queen Erlione Lilianthes, and found their Tree of Life to be severely damaged by Vanthus' flames. In fear of extinction, the Elven keepers of El-Gradis turned to seek help from the power of Chaos. Many Elves strongly opposed this decision, but the keepers didn't listen, and a civil war followed. The rebellious Elves left El-Gradis to live in the South of the continent, making the Elven nation completely split into two camps (t/n: you can read a much more detailed description of Elven history, rise of Vanthus and ideologies behind the split here). In their respective attempt to save themselves from extinction, the Gnomes wrapped the city of Urgand with a massive wall and sealed it off. And so, the era that marked the two nations flourishing ended.

      Birth of Humans:

      Creatures that appeared as a result of evolution did not wish to serve the will of Providence. Orcs, Goblins, and other troll-like creatures were embodied with their own free will and under the blinding fog of desire they could not resist the influence of Chaos. Elves and Gnomes tried to preserve peace in the world as much as they could. And so, many conflicts arose between the ancient races and barbaric tribes. At last, empowered with reason, order, and powers of Chaos, a new intelligent race arose - the Humans (pictured above).

      - Second Chronicle -
      Emergence of Humans and Rise of Lumen:

      Many creatures inhabited the world. Among them were the ones born as a result of the will of the Old Gods, and those created by the Providence. But there were also those who arose as a result of evolution. These creatures were empowered with free will and resisted old traditions set in place by the Providence. Affliction persisted between the ancient races and the barbaric tribes. And then, carrying within themselves order, Chaos, and logical reason, came about the Human. The Humans built the Lumen empire, named after the hero who drove back the Orcs. Upon losing their immortality the Sylvan Elves realized that in order to preserve their ancient knowledge they had to share them with humans, and so Lumen allied with El-Gradis. Magic and Sciences were highly respected in the Lumen empire, which granted vast power and opportunities to those mastering Magic, which resulted in these people ruling the empire for many years. Up until when Ermexis (dt.) sat on the throne and turned the Lumen empire into monarchy. And so Lumen reached its flourishing peak that lasted hundreds of years.

      Nigra Turis Catastrophe and the Dark Ages.

      Unfortunately the era of Lumen empire came to an end. A secret society of power-hungry mages arose, obsessed with finding a way of capturing the throne for themselves with the aim to return political power to the mages and scientists, just the way it used to be in the old times before Ermexis came to power. The secret society aimed to reclaim power through very dangerous but effective means: they opened the Gates of Dimension, allowing demons to invade their world. Above the Hornus mountains a tall black tower erected (pictured above) that served as a bridge between the two worlds, a disaster that became known in history as the Nigra Turis. Half the mages of the secret society perished, and the others became slaves to the demonds, mindlessly assisting them in destroying their world. The tower was eventually sealed off, but it was much too late as once again the savage tribes acquired reason and physical power. Due to never ending wars that damaged the empire's supplies and morale, Lumen fell. Only after the Humans of the North, unable to support their southern posts, allied with Elves and Mascu were they able to drive back the attack of barbarians away from the borders of their nations. That's exactly the time when king Aigor pronounced the surviving nation the Habichts empire, the direct descendants of the Lumen. King Aigor also named the Elves and the Mascu esteemed citizens of the empire for their help in the resistance. Thus, the Hieron empire came to be, uniting the three initial races under its flag. Sadly, king Aigor perished one day, and the three princes-heirs to the throne incited an internecine war that lasted seven years.

      Alliance of Southern Cities, and the Rise of the Union:

      While the North was preoccupied with the war of the three princes, cities of the South flourished. House of Sforza from the city of Spezia presented a proposal to sign a joint agreement of defense, thus uniting the Human cities in the South under the Amistad name. Amistad had no desire to put up with oppression of the North, and looked for allies in their common goal. And so, the blood-red banner of the Union came to include the freedom-loving Aqua Elves, and the ferocious Pantera. As a result, when armies of the Empire attempted to suppress the southern cities, they were met with strong resistance from three united armies. Upon such furious repulse, the Empire stepped back. This victory for the Amistad gave rise to a new era - the era of uncompromising resistance between the Hieron Empire and the Union of independent races.

      - x -

      I hope you enjoyed reading this short story of the world of Bless! I had tons of fun translating it, and I'm hoping there is more lore to come! The pictures in this translation were taken from the sourced articles, and screenshotted from the videos included in said articles. Credit of provided information goes to NEOWIZ and 101XP!
      Happy new year!

    • Thank you so much for translating all this. The lore in a game is my favourite part, and while I know we would see it all eventually when the game finally comes to us in the west, it's a treat to see it here now, and so well translated. You're the best. :)
    • Thank you. That was a great read. I look forward to more lore coming soon :D
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