Changing The Path of The Game Directory or Folder

    • Changing The Path of The Game Directory or Folder

      Hi All :

      first sorry if this is not the right section of this topic or if it's repeated topic but I have searched in the forum for changing game folder after downloading it and I didn't find anything so:

      I've downloaded Bless Online using [Ru] 101XP launcher, then I installed it in the [D:] then I downloaded the game, after the game being installed and ready to be played, I've found that the gamed has been installed on the [C:].

      I've changed the folder location from [C:] to [D:] by copying it then deleting the original folder from the [C:], also I've figured out the sittings in 101XP launcher and changed the download folders paths to [D:] then tried to download it again, then I found that the launcher starting the download from 0 kb fresh new download as the first time and can't see my downloaded one.

      So, How to let the launcher see my existed game on [D:] without downloading it again.
      Also How to play Bless Online on steam if there's a capability to.

      Thank you all very much, I hope to hear from you soon :)

      Have a great day.

      El-Azzawy :love: