Whats up BLESS community!

    • Whats up BLESS community!

      Hey there!

      xCeld here! Most people call me x but people can call me whatever they want, doesn't matter to me to be honest.

      Any who, I'm a huge MOBA fan and in fact I have been playing MOBAS(mostly LoL) for most of the last 2 years. I'm currently in D3 in LoL. I absolutely love competition. With that said, I hope Bless can be the next MMO that can bring tremendous amounts of competition. Prior to LoL, I spent most of my time playing WoW. I started in the good ol' Vanilla days. In my Prime, I held position in the top 10 for 5v5 skrims and top 5 for 2v2 skrims for I think 8 months straight? Then life happened...

      I just came from Tree of Savior, and man, what a nightmare that was. I reached endgame in ToSNA with my character "ItzNiko." (Wiz C3-KinoC3-WarlockC1-Sage). Again, not to be braggadocious but I was ranked in the top 10 for several months in 5v5 ranked PvP. The game is completely dead. If Aeria wants to learn what NOT to do, please please please go scroll through ToS forums with intense focus. IMC is just incredibly incompetent. Don't be IMC. :)

      Anyways, I doubt this will get any attention but for those you did take a look and who have played Bless, any comments/suggestions in regards to gameplay/PvP/Classes etc! Please and thanks!
    • hey mate,

      You should take look videos in media to see what you can wait here and get more information about the game.

      If you like arenas and PvP I guess here you will have tons of fun, I have been watching some PvP videos because I didn't reach lvl to be able to do them in Russian server but I can't wait to try them because one thing that I enjoy in this games is arenas and PvP , I'm mage, healer person.

      The grafics looking outstanding and it's very easy to learn how to play it , so I guess you should give it a try, of course it's not MOBA but I also played DOTA 1 for some years and LoL and I always came back to play MMOS because of the diversity of things that you can do, per example I played Archeage and it was epic the ship battle and the sea the game was epic that time but p2w killed it for real and lack of content , that's another thing that I hope doesn't happen to this game because I have high hopes for it.

      PS. I hope my opinion/comment can give you an idea