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1st Gather Quest Hieron/Habichts

    • 1st Gather Quest Hieron/Habichts


      I need something help from someone who plays/Player a Habicht Char.

      I got the 1st gatherquest. I am lvl 11 atm. I got the quest from a noch in the camp after the university. Where do it find the material which I have to gather?
    • Alright. I'll check it. Thx so far.

      Got it. But I had to set the graphic requirements on lowest lvl to see the
      I think that the only other way is to watch the symbol (hand to pick up) when the char is near a gatherable thing.

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    • Just want to be helpful to those who were also stuck like me even after reading this forum thread. Wheat is in front and all around the area of the shop. It looks like wheat not the tall grass. What made me finally see it was higher graphics, showing more environmental range detail, and the camera level with the ground. Somehow I was finally able to see alot of little patches further from the shop in like the large empty area before you hit the university wall. Hopefully this helps those who were stuck like me for half an hour.