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What's your class?

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    • In my collective experience I normally main tanks, but any of the classes that offer a more kinetic combat experience is on my radar for this game. Well... except assassins, I like fast paced melee but not the stealth aspect that sadly and commonly come associated with them. So... guardian, berserker; but since I'm probably going to be playing as one of the l'il guys I'm not sure just how ridiculous one would look as those classes. xD Recently I've become rather acclimated (and a sucker) to pet classes... so I may be considering a warlock as well, or maybe even a mystic ... but warlock sounds decidedly more fun as well as BA. :D
    • It's been fun reading these posts. I too will try to sample as many classes as I can, should the game prove to be as amazing as it looks.
      Over the years I have found that I do enjoy the visual appeal of caster class skills. To have on your hot bar a skill that opens up the heavens and rains down a barrage of meteors, of fills a room with walls of fire, or sends bolts of chain lightening into packs of mobs is frankly a 'hoot'! Yes I like to be able to 'shake and bake' my enemies. Set my casters wand/staff to maximum nuking power level, and leave nothing behind but smoking craters. Walk softly but carry a fully charged mage staff, yes indeed, and know how to kite! 8)
    • Been awhile since someone posted here, but thought I'd chime in to see if more people would respond after a bump.

      Definitely playing Paladin. I've been a healer for nearly ten years now. Starting from the early days of Guild Wars 1, up until now across all the games since my departure from GW1. Love running support. Mystic sounds interesting as well, but I have a feeling it'll be a hybrid class, and I've never been a fan of hybrids except in small-scale PvP arenas like 3v3, where having classes capable of doing more than one thing is better than not.
    • I play a chanter on aion by far my fav class but not of mmos have classes like chanters and I love the staff combat animations and skills. but since no many games offer that type of class im probably gonna roll a sin on bless just cause I don't feel to keen on any other class and might have plenty of alts to spare though XD
      You'll never know you limit till you exceed it
    • I'll be rolling both a Guardian and a Zerker for sure. A Tank and a DPS are nice to have on hand, and they tend to be the most fun for me to run as in hardcore RvR/PvP guilds... Although if something ends up being desperately needed in my guild I tend to roll it too; so I'll likely end up with a good selection of alt classes.
    • Oh forgot to put here which class i'm going to play with...hum lets see...all of them with different races in HiERoN and UNioN so i can enjoy everything that Bless has to offer.

      Some people may be wondering why playing with so many different classes and races?
      Well because every race have a different story and ending content according to the developers of Bless (correct me if i'm wrong), the classes seem to have nice action animation and i'm also curious so that's what makes it worth of trying something like this. For now i plan to start with the Lupus race and Berserker Class.

      Well that's my plan ^^
    • I hope every class has some fancy and funny skills. Look what WoW has to offer:
      Druid: Shaping into animals;
      Mage: Making portals and conjuring food;
      Death Knight: Summoning ghouls and deathchargers (death horse);
      Rogue: Poisoning weapons and stealth;
      Shaman: Placing totems and morphing into ghostwolf;
      Warlock: Summoning pets and using low-range PvP portals;
      Paladin: Auras that are permament buffs;
      Hunter: Taming beasts to serve him;
      Warrior: Chaning stances that allow you to use diffrent skills;
      Priest: Levitating buff, shadowform, absorbs.
    • I never played WoW xD so i don't know much about how the classes look like and their skills, others might do tho. But each class will have it's own unique skills and features, probably not the exact copy or too similar with wow and those on that list.
      The only thing that i dislike about the classes in Bless is that the amount of times you can block, evade/dodge, regenarete is very similar with how TERA combat-system worked, for example when you play with a lancer and your bar of RES (or w/e is called) was empty you wouldn't be able to block anymore. But the worst part is that it seems that the bar or circle in Bless that measures the amount of times you can block,evade/dodge,regenerate is really limited more than in TERA, at least that's what i saw in those CBT 1 videos.
    • You know, a fireball spell is not unique at all, so it would be nice if we could use some epic spells like summoning a rain of meteors in a big radius which at least decent animations.
      Why do you dislike it? I mean, it's not bad that you can't just spam block all the time, you need to calculate your actions and use other abilities too.