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BLESS Races and Factions, detailed lore translations.

    • BLESS Races and Factions, detailed lore translations.

      The RU website has an extensive amount of lore about races and factions of BLESS. I took the liberty of translating them, for those who are planning to RP, or simply curious. This is not google translate, I speak the language fluently.
      (dt) - direct translation, meaning the word was translated phonetically from Russian, and may not have the same pronunciation or spelling in the North American version.

      Faction history:

      At the core of the game's story lies the rivalry of two powerful factions, Hieron and Union, located on one large continent. The upper half of the continent belongs to the Hieron state (North), and the lower half belongs to the Union (South). The goal of the Northerners is to unite the entire nation under its flag. The Southerners, in turn, also wish to acquire power over the land and become leaders of a new era. Different races are united under both banners, and in early stages of the game you will have to decide which state you want to represent.

      Hieron (alternatively called The Holy Empire, or the Northerners) - a faction that unites under its banner all the races that reside to the North of the continent. Their main goal is to unite the entire Nation under their flag. For over a 100 years, Hieron has developed tremendously as a state, successfully beating their Southern rivals in technological development. They dedicated themselves to defending their own civilization for decades, and intend to continue keeping their promises. The capital of the Kingdom is Hierakon (dt).

      Union (alternatively called the Southerners) - a faction that unites under its banner all the races that reside in the Southern parts of the continent. The lengthy state of conflict has brought the state of the Southern region into decline. As consecutive individual attacks on the North resulted in failure, the individual societies and tribes of the South became exhausted from the struggle and internal conflict among themselves, and eventually all came to a consensus of signing a peace treaty. Since then, the main goal of the union became opposition to the North. Members of the Union do not wish to become a part of the Holy Empire, instead aiming to make the North a part of them. This is a union of separate federations, each maintaining their own laws, rules, and order. The capital of the Union is Spezia (dt), a beautiful city with complex architecture and countless bridges.

      Non-playable races:


      Homeland of the Fedayin was destroyed by demons. Before that took place however, the Fedayin were the ruling estate, and the ultimate guardians of the Gates of Dimensions. Their main task was to defend the world from demonic invasion, which the Fedayin succeeded at effortlessly, but only until the Iblis, a race that the Fedayin ruled over, began to rebel against them. The Iblis rebellion unintentionally created a perfect opportunity for the demons to break through the Gates, and bring destruction upon their world. As the Fedayin fled their demise, they found themselves in a new world, and they had no choice but to call it their home. The Fedayin took it upon themselves to prevent the same tragedy from happening to their new home as a result of unreasonable actions of the Iblis rebels. To achieve peace and security at all costs, the Fedayin allied with the nation of Hieron, under the common goal of protecting and defending their realm.

      The core purpose of the Fedayin existence is their ultimate mission to annihilate the demonic invasion. These people spend their whole lives preparing themselves for battle. One of the unique features of their training is utilization of Zen meditation. As a result of lengthy meditation sessions, the Fedayin acquire an incredible inner stability, granting them the mental fortitude to face any enemy without a trace of fear. In battle, the Fedayin are extremely agile and quick, moving with surgical precision, and are always ready to take their opponent's life.
      In order to rid themselves of the distracting nature of succumbing to emotion during an important mission or in battle, the Fedayin gradually eradicated almost all emotion-inducing factors in their society. Their cities are extremely practical and ascetic, with absolutely no trace of public entertainment or alcohol, the sound of laughter or weeping never touching their walls. Even worrying about death of a loved one or a friend is strictly against their rules of emotional abstinence. The Fedayin grieve by putting on grey robes, lowering their weapons, and silently honoring their fallen comrades, while standing completely still near their grave.
      Such is the nature of the stoic Fedayin, the guardians of the Gates of Dimensions, the ones that chose asceticism
      and redemption.


      Just like Fedayin, the Iblis arrived from a different realm that was destroyed by demons. While in their homeland, the Iblis lived under the looming rule of the Fedayin, the chosen ones, guardians of the Gates of Dimensions, the ruling estate. Most Iblis expressed a distaste towards their inferior position, which eventually grew over into conflict. Iblis rebellion gave rise to a civil war, that ended in successful overthrow of the Fedayin, and in the Gates of Dimensions being left unattended. As a result, demons found their way into the world, and destroyed it. The Iblis found their freedom to be short lived, and soon had to flee into a different realm, lest they let themselves become consumed by demonic invasion. As the Iblis inhabited the new realm, they allied with the Union faction, finding that their ideals and values had many similarities. Iblis are creatures who derived their strength and endurance from a primordial source - they consider themselves brethren and sistren of the Gods, that arrived in this world out of their own will. There is nothing purely constant for the Iblis, and the only thing sacred for them is the Chaos. The Iblis scoff at those who seek gods and prayer, heaven and hell, in this world. The only thing that is sacred for the Iblis is their own history.
      The core of Iblis culture is based around a hypothesis that anything can endlessly change. Among other primitive faiths, the Iblis felt closest to the cult of Chaos. Iblis consider pain and pleasure to be worthy goals, and in their aim to achieve these goals they do not pay any mind to moral values. The Iblis hold within themselves such pain, that this world has never endured, and such pleasure that this world could never imagine.
      After migrating into the new world through the Gates of Dimension and overthrowing the ruling class, the next quest that the Iblis took upon themselves was the internal battle for power. They had to come up with a new system of government, but haven't succeeded in creating one that would interest all of their people, so to this day they live in a world of intrigue and anarchy, and even the bond of their blood doesn't protect them from betrayal from one of their own.

      Playable races:

      Humans: the Human race in the world of Bless is divided into two opposing nations, that call themselves the Habichts, who highly value tradition, and the independent Amistad.

      Faction: Hieron.
      All classes available.

      Starter location: Elton village (dt).

      History of the Habichts began long ago, when the Lumen (dt) empire was still forming itself in the North. Back in those old times, the Habichts called themselves the Altoc, and belonged to the Northern nations. Having naturally light hair color and being larger in size on average than their Southern brothers, they became the ultimate stronghold for the empire. Back then the Altoc would often pursue positions of officers or provincial management. However, they never achieved positions that held high power in the empire or had a lot of influence in politics. Everything drastically changed after the Dark Ages passed. It were Altoc who, under the strong leadership of governor Armand, cast aside the barbarian tribes, and brought about peace and unity to the land of once glorious Lumen empire. Sadly, Armand fell during the war, but his heir Aygor the Great was the one to unite the cities torn by war, founding the Habichts Empire.
      From the very start the Habichts Empire held back the onslaught of barbarian tribes, while expanding the borders of the civilized world. Dealing with countless conflicts and resistances, the empire naturally grew a belligerent spirit, that shaped them into a perfect military state. The Habichts know their history well and are proud of it. Prideful and grandiose, they rightfully consider themselves the defenders of all tribes as they build the Empire of the future.

      Faction: Union.
      All classes available.
      Starter location: Padan ruins (dt).

      Direct descendants of the Lumen, Amistad are adventurous people, and possess a generous and passionate nature. It were the ancestors of the Amistad who were the first to receive wisdom of the Elves, becoming the driving force of the civilized world. The Lumen Empire, built by the Amistad, flourished for many centuries. However during the Dark Ages most of the Empire's territory was lost, with only Aygor the Great being capable of liberating the Southern cities and assimilating them into the Habichts Empire. Under the strong military protection of the Empire, Amistad nations sighed with relief and obtained the peace they needed to turn their attention to advancement in arts and sciences, excelling faster than the ancient Lumen. Amistad strived for independence and progress. During this time a new leader came to power in the Southern city of Spezia (dt), by the name of Abelardo Sforza. He continuously expressed his distaste for the growing interference of the Empire, and thought it was necessary to build an independent state in the South.
      As a result of victory in the Autumn War, Amistad federation gained independence from the Habichts Empire. Amistad have immense appreciation for freedom, progress, and independence, and in day to day life express deep interest for music and poetry.

      Elves: after a devastating civil war, the Elven people split into two nations, the Aqua Elves, people of the unruly ocean, and the Sylvan Elves, protectors of the forest harmony.

      Sylvan Elves.
      Faction: Hieron.
      Available classes: Guardian, Paladin, Ranger, Assassin, Mage.
      Starter location: El-Gradis (dt).

      Many centuries ago Physis planted a seed in the soil, that grew into a great tree of life, the Lilianthes (dt). Elves were born from within the fruit of the tree. They were endowed with beauty, wisdom, and immortality. Elves could communicate with spirits, and learned elemental magic from them. Thanks to the ability to wield that magic, Elven society was able to quickly achieve impressively high levels of advancement. They founded the El-Gradis Kingdom, that flourished for thousands of years. However, under the Hvergel (dt) mountain rested a red dragon by the name of Venthus (dt). With his awakening the Thousand Year Kingdom fell, shattering the Elves' prophecies to its endless existence. After uniting forces with Gnomes the Elves resisted Vanthus, and after countless sacrifices they were finally able to trap him in chains. But it was much too late, as the once beautiful El-Gradis lie in ruins, and the tree of life Lilianthes was weakened from devastating wounds caused by Vanthus' wrath. In the same breath, the sole queen of Elves Erlione Lilianthes perished. Driven by grief and desperation, the Elves decided to revive their beloved queen. Despite the disagreement from many of their fellow Elves, they turned to rituals of Chaos. However, the guard captain of El-Gradis stopped them, leaving the ritual unfinished, which lead to a civil war among the Elves who wanted their queen back, and those who opposed the Chaos ritual. As a result, archmage Arkhiel Barianthes (dt) left El-Gradis, taking with him his followers, therefore splitting the Elven people in two.
      The Sylvan Elves are the ones who stayed and accepted their grim fate with honor. They survived and changed themselves with magic of the Gods, as a result becoming mortal. Because of the looming pressure of newly acquired mortality, Sylvan Elves wanted to preserve the wisdom and knowledge of their people and decided that that has now become their ultimate mission and duty. For that reason Sylvan Elves chose Humans as their spiritual successors, actively keeping strong ties with humanity ever since the era of the Lumen Empire. Nowadays the Sylvan Elves stand with Hieron Empire. They believe that Hieron will become the defenders of this world, just like El-Gladis was in the past, and so they try to lead humanity towards that path.

      Aqua Elves.
      Faction: Union.
      Available classes: Guardian, Paladin, Ranger, Assassin, Mage.
      Starter location: El-Lano (dt).

      After the Elven civil war ended, archmage Arkhiel Barianthes left El-Gradis with his followers. Upon the Southern coast they built a city called El-Lano where they spent most of their time researching ways to use magic to change fate. Labeling their settlement as the "magical city at sea", the Elves of El-Lano named themselves Aqua Elves, so that others can tell them apart from their past brethren back in El-Gradis. Unlike Sylvan Elves the Aqua Elves do not fear change and new ideas. They are very appreciative of freedom and do not falter when it comes to saying or doing. Although there are not many physical differences between the Sylvan and Aqua Elves, the latter adopted a habit of dyeing their hair and tattooing their skin, perhaps in an attempt to look more unique and distinguishable. Settling in the new and unfamiliar environment was a difficult task for the Aqua Elves. They had to endure brutal clashes with primitive tribes in order to expand their borders, later on having to also deflect the attacks of pirate Goblins that sought everywhere for opportunities to line their pockets with stolen goods. Eventually the Aqua Elves turned to unique weaponry. The symbol of their victory became the grand city of El-Lano, erected above the sea with use of magic. Arkhiel built a massive tower in the middle of the city and encapsulated deep within it a small branch of Lilianthes that he took with him upon leaving El-Gradis.
      After enduring countless wars for new land, and building a magical city the Aqua Elves started to differentiate from their Sylvan brothers in personalities with their freedom-loving and open nature, as well as sharp and bellicose temper. They refuse to give in to the flow of fate and relentlessly seek ways to alter it themselves, and perhaps with time, to predetermine the future. For these reasons during the period of the Autumn War they stood with the Union, supporting the freedom loving Amistad in their fight for independence.

      Lupus and Pantera: the world of Bless is home to inhabitants that are much older than the Elves. Created by the Old Gods these creatures carry the mark of Chaos within themselves.

      Available classes: Guardian, Berserker, Ranger.
      Starter location: Arakhnu village (dt).

      Lupus are one of the oldest races on the continent. They were created by the Old Gods during the ages of chaos long ago. For that reason their nature is always changing and their looks possess feral features. Once upon a time the Lupus were the most valued warriors in the armies of the Old Gods, but fell under the onslaught of dragons created by Physis, forcing them into hiding within the sacred forest Vranh (dt). The great prophet of the Lupus by the name of Urgen Tenza (dt) begged Physis to forgive them for their wrongdoings, and even with his intercession they barely managed to survive and preserve their civilization. For thousands upon thousands of years the Lupus lived far away from everyone. Being born into Chaos it was difficult for them to get used to a new world where everything follows the laws of order. In their desperate attempts to survive the Lupus listened to spirits and exercised severe self-discipline. Their culture is based upon endless respect for mother nature, loyalty, and dedication. The Lupus are a peaceful race of hunters, living in harmony with nature while avoiding unnecessary violence. However, sometimes they succumb to their wild feral nature, and turn into bloodthirsty predators in a blink of an eye.
      Lupus made their first mark in history during the Old Ages, when they helped the Habichts and the Elves fight against the onslaught of barbarian tribes. After the war ended a greatly respected warrior of the Lupus by the name of Voldt Vathar (dt) was awarded a title of Wrath of the Borderlands, and the Lupus became honored citizens of the Hieron empire. Nowadays they reside in the sacred forest Vranh, just as before, honoring traditions of their ancestors and seldom involving themselves in the matters of the outside world. However they are always vigilant and ready to step into battle if they are called upon by their oath of loyalty to the Hieron.

      Available classes: Guardian, Berserker, Ranger, Assassin.
      Starting zone: Shakhara stronghold (dt).

      Roaming the borderless savannas are the Pantera, a tribe of brave and ruthless warriors. Just like the Lupus, Pantera were created by the will of the Old Gods in the ages of Chaos, and they possess feline features. Pantera have the ability to turn into lions, which makes them into even more dangerous opponents. Neglected by the Gods, Pantera were forced to endure severe pain and despair. They didn't lose their sense of reason however, but even that didn't help them in advancing their civilization, and they shortly fell behind. Pantera, condemning their Gods, turned their drive and energy to constantly fighting and spilling blood in search for more land, and living in hazardous conditions, they didn't pay much mind to slaughter of their own kind. As a result of such a harsh upbringing only the strongest of the strong survived, in time making Pantera a feared nation of menacing warriors. They always held strength and bravery at a high value, while rejecting and condemning weakness.
      Such was their way of life until their encounter with a wise warrior by the name of Mubari (dt). Unlike the other Pantera, his drive was for knowledge and progress, the kind that was misinterpreted by his brethren as a weakness before quickly being cast out. Mubari set off on his own path of strengthening his power of will, and in ten years he was the one sitting on the Panteran throne. In order to drive his beloved nation away from worthless bloodbaths, Mubari allied himself and his people with the Union. The Pantera people now play a highly important role in the fight against the Hieron Empire.

      Mascu: Among the diverse races of Bless, there are still some people who are yet undecided about which side to pick. People of the Mascu nation decide on their own terms whose banner they will march to battle under.

      Hieron and Union.
      All classes available.
      Starting location: city of Pan Sen (dt).

      Long ago the lands of the Bless continent witnessed an arrival of unfamiliar flying contraptions called the airships. From them emerged unfamiliar creatures, that spread their tale of running from far away lands in search of a new home. At first, the new inhabitants of the continent were regarded with great caution, but as time went on the aliens earned the respect of the continent's many native inhabitants, by showing themselves off as highly skilled traders and engineers. Very soon the nation that called themselves Mascu had the continent's entire trade in their hands. The countless dangers that the Mascu faced in their new home made them more agile and cunning. They do not trust anyone who hasn't proven themselves trustworthy, but once they feel safe and secure, the Mascu become incredibly friendly and talkative.
      Losing most of their nation's trade control and goods during times of turmoil, Mascu did not lose their usual cunning composure. They learned the market swiftly and turned into dexterous merchants in no time. Mascu carry various goods by land, by sea, and even by air if need be. If they sign a contract Mascu will hold up their end of the bargain no matter what, as they value being true to their word. That is why their merchant talents as so highly valued within the continent. Even before fleeing their original homeland, the Mascu were perfecting their knowledge of engineering. Their mechanisms are unfathomable to imagination! Mascu can create practically anything - from a tiny measuring device to a massive war machine. Their settlements are filled with workshops and studios, where wise Mascu engineers create their masterpieces.


      All translations are by me, Laufie.

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    • Thank you for all your hard work. I love that the game has some decent racial lore. It's interesting and fun to read, and your translations are perfect. Now the only thing I want is for them to hopefully release more on the Siren race so we can learn about them too. :)