Game start problem

    • Game start problem

      Hi everyone i m new user but I follow the writings. Me and 2 friends want to start Bless. Search forum and find guides.

      we have pmang account

      install the game (following to guide step by step)
      install VPN program and used korean ip lounch the game site.
      push start button and instal pmang plug in for starting client on website

      Done this steps and starting louncher. İnstall patch and waiting automatic start to game but not start and Not install gameguard. we wait more time or re start game but nothing is happening.( dont have any error message) We see more different video but Gameguard does not open after you start the game. Pls hel us. (My english weak so sory :D)
    • I have exactly same problem.

      Korean language Win10 64bit
      Korean VPN
      Korean OBT verified account
      Installed the game and website plugin.

      Logged in at the page and clicked the Blue/Red button to open the launcher.
      Launcher checks files and closes automatically at 100% but the game wont open afterwards.

      Any solution?

      I have downloaded and re-installed the game and tested Edge, IE & Chrome.

      And no error messages either.
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