No english Beta this year?

    • Fiddu wrote:

      It's almost november and there are still no news about the western beta. Didn't Aeria said there will be a Closed Beta this year?
      No, they didn't. At least not in their most recent update.

      According to Bless EU/NA Status Update 9/13/16 in regards to Bless NA/EU -
      ....we couldn’t come up with a fix launch date and milestones like close beta tests and open beta tests....

      Then later he says: sucks to wait for a game for an indefinite amount of time....

      In my opinion that pretty much says NA/EU will not get any playable version at all this year.
    • Nevermind i was wrong, the russian version will use the same client as korea and china.

      Something official regarding the beta schedule

      [15:15:04] GM Larek: will depend on Devs progress but I did not receive any news lately
      [15:15:15] GM Larek: they're kinda revamping the game right now
      [15:15:35] GM Larek: and we'll only publish that new version, not the current build
      [15:15:49] GM Larek: so once we have their timeline, we'll prepare our timeline
    • would be nice for the two additional races to be added to the game as well. the lack of them makes me concerned about a "complete" game this late in the year. Especially since I believe they said the classes and races missing would be in the OBT by August.

      Still hopeful though!
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