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List of Mounts

    • Some other mounts I have found interesting and my personal thoughts on them.

      Some type of Worg... or very vicious looking wolf. So want one for my already planned Lupus.


      Hippos, although I am not the biggest fan of them, seriously... Hippos! Who here actually imagined you would ever be riding Hippos in an MMO anywhere??


      Gorgons! Not a bull, no a cow, not a steer... but a damn Gorgon.... one of the least used mythological beasts in a lot of fantasy games! So full of want right now!


      The Griffon. The dragons are awesome, don't get me wrong, but this alone totally captures my imagination for a Guardian Character and all I could do with it (or would like to).


      So what other mounts are inspiring any of you so far since the latest videos and screen shots have been released?
    • tamberleigh wrote:

      I'm going to try for a unicorn first, then ... all of them. In every MMO I've gone into all my money ends up being spent on mount. I'm looking forward to trying to actually catch my own ... easier on the pocketbook, lol.

      Unicorns are always nice, but for me personally, they are just another horse usually, unless you really go all out and give them that feeling of magnificence and exoticism you see mostly in fantasy artwork. Most games just like to stick a horn on a regular horse and call it a day. Thinking on it more, I would love to eventually see mounts from mythology of some type, and not just Pegesi. Stuff like Cerberus, hydras and the 8 legged Sleipnir.