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[KR Server] Community Start Over

    • [KR Server] Community Start Over

      Server and Nation 36
        가이우스 / Union (21) 58%
        가이우스 / Hieron (10) 28%
        반두인 / Hieron (3) 8%
        반두인 / Union (2) 6%
      The upcoming update is not far away and since a lot of people will start a new character it's probably the best to play together on the same server. I made a new Discord Channel btw. since the current one is unmoderated You can join via

      Make sure to answer the poll so we can play together as soon as the update is live :happybless:
    • Server are both fine for me, but i'd like to join the Union since i am a Hieron in the KR. Union got much more beautiful cities than Hierons...Spezia is amazing. My vote counts for both servers as long as it's Union.

      EDIT: Maybe i'll be going to Hieron again to stay with the Italians, i retire my vote,

      Bask within the guidance of the great Palutena!

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    • I'm seeing quite a few EU/NA players on 가이우스 / Union side so I'm guessing a lot picked that server from the above list.

      Although an update to this thread would be nice if there is more players elsewhere. Not everyone must be moving to .RU version.

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    • Well i'm surprised to see no official KR server for stated on the forums. (Like what was done for BnS and Black Desert KR) EU/NA won't be released for a year plus and RU will be a toxic community like it was for Black Desert RU, so i'd rather stick to Korea myself.

      Anyway thanks for the Discord link Squishy :>

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