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Pinned Wanted Features Megathread

    • Wanted Features Megathread

      Dungeon Finder
      Battle Pets
      More Exp. for Dungeons and Sieges
      Longer nights
      Falling damage
      More wildlife(Small birds, frogs, fishes etc.)
      More NPCs in towns
      Skin transfer
      Floors for minimap
      PvP graphic mode
      UI customization
      Item linking
      Item Skin Preview
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      Original content (only changes being translations)

      The changes made to other games, such as BnS, completely ruined the expectations of an M rated game. I am not saying to go nutso and rip the clothing off of characters, just don't make the stupid changes that were made for BnS. Those that were appeased by the changes don't even play the game and never would anyway.
    • For me personally so far, aside from the things that are already being worked on:
      • Transmog system. Not sure if "skin transfer" is the same idea, and if it is, apologies.
      • Being able to create characters in both factions on the same server. Archeage and WoW have that option, so it would be nice here.
      • Instanced housing system. I prefer instanced housing because it lets everyone have a place of their own, and even though it's not as immersive as it was in, say, Archeage, or FFXIV, having it instanced would eliminate the limit on housing slots available (that most players are going to want), and also let people "live" in big cities/towns, instead of large areas of land in the middle of nowhere.
    • Kuruma wrote:

      DPS/Healing meter to help improve yourself.

      Also would be nice to get the localization files if they are ready already, playing KR beta with most of the game in KR language limits the gameplay a lot.

      well there is the eng. patch (not sure if nir is still going on translating things or so) but there is/was a version with a lot of things translated (ui, skills, descriptions, stats, etc.).

      From my perspective the natural meter for healing/dps is already there - either wipe or succeed. Many boss battles are either hard because the healer/dd's suck or are great because of a good setup of players. In between - true there could be a tool to provide more indepth look on that.
    • sEEEEb wrote:

      Castle Sieges
      Territory Wars
      Naval Fights
      Open World Bosses to PvP for
      Racial Skills
      100% agree with above list.

      I also would like to see clear and cool indications which clan owns teritory and castle (with clan crest) so that people will treat TW and Sieges as prestige.

      We kinda have Siege but its more like world event not prestige pvp event. Just make castle sieges like in Lineage 2, they were super cool :)
    • For me the wanted feature are :

      Dyeing / transmogs
      PvP graphic mode
      UI customization
      Item Skin Preview
      More battlegrounds (10v10 or 20v20)
      Bigger storage (in town)
      Guild Vault
      Addons (DPS meter etc)
      Maccros (to announce burst or something else)
      An API to link some stuff on websites (guild vault for example) for addons etc
      A lot of raids 10/25 mans with lore inside
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