Adversting (For Guests and Members with less than 10 Posts only)

Pinned Forum Update August 5th

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    • Forum Update August 5th

      New Shoutbox
      We updated our shoutbox. It now takes much less server performance and has a new layout and some new features


      You can now add a Guildtag above your nickname.

      Real time updates

      You will now receive a small popup whenever you unlocked an achievement or someone replied to one of your posts.

      New Editor

      The new Post Editor is faster, takes less server performance and offers more ways to format your content.

      Level System
      This is pretty much an Alpha Test. You can now level up by creating content on our forums. It will soon be connected with our new achievement system.


      You can now unlock achievements by being active on our forums. Right now there are 3 achievements to unlock. We will add many more in the future.


      Achievement: Member
      Requirement: 10 Posts
      Unlocks: Removes posting limitations

      Achievement: Advanced Member
      Requirement: 50 Posts
      Unlocks: Nation Symbols and max. Achievement Images on your profile increased to 3


      Achievement: Honorable Member
      Requirement: 125 Posts
      Unlocks: Class Symbols


      There are many other new updates like a new Control Panel, Design Updates etc. Please make sure to report all bugs in the feedback section.