Free Lv30 Epic and Lv40 Legendary weapons giveaway (Expired)

  • Free Lv30 Epic and Lv40 Legendary weapons giveaway (Expired)

    They are giving away those weapons in celebration for the 100 days of bless, they are awesome for a starter/alt, don't miss out:

    Be warned: Only one claim per account, not per character, and the weapon goes to the first character you login after you have claimed your reward.

    Here we go:

    -Login your pmang account in the main website (to make it easier):

    -Go to the event page and scroll to the bottom:

    -Press the button below the images of the weapons you want: (it's grey to me, should be red for you if you didn't claim)

    -Login the character where you want to receive your weapon and claim it in the cash shop like the regular gifts (the weapons go to the first character you login after claiming the gift in the website, so make sure you login the right character):

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  • I won't be at the game until later tonight, can take some captures and put them here if no one did, you can find them in the crafting window, they are the orange weapons made with level 40 pvp medals.

    But to make an idea, the level 30 purple weapons seem to be a little weak, someone showed me a level 30ish blue weapon from main story quests that was better.

    The level 40 orange weapons are nice, they are better than the level 44 purple weapons and sightly worse, nearly on par, than the tier 1 level 45 purple weapons that you can get on the level 43 dungeon or with pvp tier 1 medals.

    For people that isn't much into sieges or dungeons they will be better than their main weapon.
  • Hmm i guess we gotta get them somehow in the next days... but we didn't patched the game in a long time lol... i don't remember if i have to keep the KR IP trought VPN active to patch the game or if it's for the login step only..

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  • Made a frontpage news article on this. Thanks for the post/guide Arkray. :D

    Bryan Fury - Use VPN to connect/login and start downloading the patch. Within the first few seconds of when it starts downloading just quickly disconnect your VPN. Since the disconnect lasts less than a second before switching back to your normal connection (on the VPN I use anyway), the patcher will just keep downloading it without issues. Or you could just download the entire patch on VPN, I've done that too occasionally.

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  • Bryan Fury wrote:

    Oh... so i can turn off the VPN during the patch process?

    On my VPN yes, but only if you disconnect it right when the patching starts and only if your VPN instantely changes you back to your normal internet connection within a second of disconnecting. Trying to do it in the middle causes it to mess up.
  • Just to make clear one thing (that i suggest to ADD on the main guide), since that is what i did and work.

    You DON'T need to login in the game to get the items. You need just to login on the website, and then "lock" the items you wish from it by pressing the red button.
    Once that is done, you can retrieve whenever you want ingame, since the items, once you pressed the red button, are "sleeping" inside your gift page.
    So, if you didn't updated your client in a while or you are in a hurry, you can update and login inside the game later on, the important step is to get the prizes from the website.

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  • Yes, that should work, I don't know if the items unclaimed in your gift page have an expiration date though, so if you want to take the risk its your decision.

    Anyways when I say:
    ​-Login the character where you want to receive your weapon and claim it in the cash shop like the regular gifts:

    I don't meant to say that you need to login to claim the gift, I mean to say that you have to login the character that you want to receive the gift first, because the gift goes to the first character that you login.

    Gonna edit to clarify that in case I wasn't clear enough.
  • Technically ALL The gift are "unreleated" until you don't push the "give to me" button, so whenever the charater you login (so i guess you mean ACCOUNT, not character, or i'm wrong?), until you don't go on the gift page and you retrieve it they are there not character-locked.

    At least that is how worked until now all the gift i received.. i just logged freely on all the characters i had, and i retreived them only on the one i wanted to be given

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  • I can't guarantee it works like that so don't risk it for now, we would need to test.

    All what I know is that my Hieron character on 하르만 had event coins on its "gift box mail" that I retrieved one day that I logged in that server after the event was over, those event coins were never available to my newer Union character on 무라비 that i was playing daily, because I had claimed and exchanged all of them a week ago as the event was over.

    I can only assume that those coins were sent to my old character for the last day I logged it (I rerolled servers and faction on the middle of that event) and were left unclaimed on its "gift box" until several weeks later that I logged that character again.

    So I can't tell if the "gift box" is shared between characters of the same server, but doesn't seem to be shared between characters of different server, or different faction, I wouldn't take the risk just in case.