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Should they remove attack indicators from bosses?

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    • Should they remove attack indicators from bosses?

      I personally think removing the attack indicators from bosses in the west, add alittle to the initial challenge , make people pay attention more when fighting bosses.

      I think this would just make the PVE a slight bit better.
    • im assuming by indicators you mean telegraphs?

      people thought the same about wildstar, because telegraphed combat does seem gimmicky at first... but once you get to max level it provides the option for extremely engaging and challenging combat. the telegraphs allow devs to provide boss fight information to the players on a complex level, and therefore can add many new shapes and animations. To the point that the entire room can be a constant puzzle and offer many layers to each phase of the boss fights.

      if they did not telegraph it, players would have an extremely hard time reading skill queues from the boss, and the mechanics would have to be dumbed-down to more of a tank and spank or only a few major skills every now and then.

      telegraphs also open the door for environmental hazards in combat.

      if you werent talking about telegraphs then i apologize.