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  • Optimization Question

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    From my own experience, having a better CPU will have a greater impact than having a better GPU. Bless is made in Unreal Engine 3, which is more CPU bound. Also, the engine config files in Bless are set so the game only use 1 core of the CPU and there's plenty other stuff to do in these config files that'd would make the game to run better. For example, I bought a GTX970 slightly overclocked 2 years ago, but I still have my old i5 2320 @ 3.00 GHz, so I struggle to have consistent good FPS. Howev…

  • I definitely think daily rewards for each dungeon should be a thing. First, it can help lower levels to clear a dungeon they wouldn't be able to do normally as they need help (ex: llevel 33 dungeon which can't be soloed ad level ~33). If they are daily rewards, there will be players at every dungeon every day, which is nice. Second, It makes low level dungeons less of a wasted asset, because even max level players would do this dungeon. Also, rewards should be something that's useful at any leve…

  • They were exactly like they are currently. The only difference is that there wasn't the non-furry option. But we have both versions available (there's a button in the character creation).

  • Your fears?

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    My own fears are : 1) P2W. I really don't want the game to keep it's current "pay to reset your skills" (JP server) or it's randomized pet/mount skill. Back when I started the KR Rebuild, changing pet/mount skills wasn't that bad because it was possible to only change 1/3 skill, so you could keep a good skill while changing the bad ones. Also, I'd like a way (ex: daily quests) to have items like pet/mount skill refresh so paying wouldn't be necessary. 2) Lack of content or polish on release. Thi…

  • NA server

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    Personally, I'd prefer a later release with more polish in Q2/Q3 2018 over a rushed january/february release. However, a paid early access would be nice to have in early 2018 IMO. Also, Neowiz needs to promote Bless way more for the NA/EU release.

  • Frontpage Update

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    Nice work I really like everything the community does for the game. I'm still new on the forum but I follow the game since CB1. Though I believe the Lupus race have different available classes now. Looking at some footages, the Lupus' cannot be played as assassins but can be played as mystics. I can't confirm it though, because all my characters in Rebuild are on the Union side, and I still didn't manage to download Bless JP (the VPN always goes down during the 20GB download >.<, thus cancelling…

  • dragon mount!

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    Knocking a dragon down would mean knocking a player down while he/she's trying to fast travel... So that's impossible. As for taming a dragon, I've found some of them (in the Rebuild though), but they were untamable (again, in Rebuild).

  • Quote from Aeonik: “Hi, I'm sure I did something wrong installing the english files as instead of english everything is "KOR info_string" -like literally every text in the game is that now. Could someone give me an idea of what I did wrong? Thanks in advance. ” Usually this happens if there's nothing to write, so you just need to place the translated files in the game, because seemingly you deleted the old files but did not replace them with the new ones. Once the patch is correclty installed, i…

  • I tried out what the Season 3 of Bless Rebuild brought, and I wanted to post my feedback on what I tested so far . I like the new Mascu change. I know some people (including me) who prefer the humanoid Mascu over the original one. I'm also really glad they did not replace the original animalistic Mascu, which would have been a shame. Of course the humanoid is kinda immersion breaking, but it's not that big of a deal. The new Character Profile window is definitely clearer now, and occupies way le…