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  • i think there are more important topics than "payment model"

  • Hello, I'm Alaaddin from Turkey. Wanted to write some problems/suggestions before EU/NA release.(Simply Feedback) Was playing on RU as "hardcore" from OBT till servers closed with my guild (Anatolia). Here some issues that noone talked before or i couldn't see. And these are not "just my expirience", almost whole server had same problems. 100v100 Battleground -Ru servers was good and stabil mostly, had nice exprience.(talking about server capacity, stress etc) Can do 100v100 pvp easily with abou…

  • Changes to Trophies

    Sultan Alaaddin - - News


    Thx, Edit: can delete this post (fixed)

  • Quote from Sarcastic: “Well I was wandering what is a good and fast way for leveling. When I played I followed the story line, did some other quests and went to solo dungeon sometimes. But I like to know if maybe is better to grind low level dungeons (or dungeons plus elite mobs, etc) till some level and after achieving x level keep going with the story line. I wouldn't like to avoid story for too long. Ty ” there are some way but i can tell that, its better to farming with 2 ppl.Quests or grind…

  • "Warlock" but dont know any info about it

  • PVP Rewards Variety

    Sultan Alaaddin - - PvP


    Quote from SRTero: “1) Are there pvp mounts you can purchase with honor? (exclusives i guess like the Thunderdash in Archeage so people could look at me and go dayum that guy is kinda badass) 2) Are there pvp titles that are gained through amount of kills and or matches done? (sort of like guild wars 2 achievements) 3) Will there be any chance of PVP specific outfits/costumes that can be bought with honor only? (can't remember a game for an example at the moment haha maybe revelation online sorr…

  • Quote from Muriele: “Great Video! Hopefully we will see a lot more from you in steam release ” i think ill do Thx man

  • Quote from Estekiwi: “Aladdin does not play anymore for the moment it was on the Russian server before closing ” Thanks^^ , didnt check here for long time, Quote from Veryien: “Hey awesome videos. I just recently downloaded bless myself and testing out the assassin. The mage and archer look a lot fun too. Which class gives you the most trouble in your experience? Also what server do you play on? ” Ty friend, dunno the new version of game, cant test game on test servers etc (because of ping probl…