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  • Quote from Weakdayz: “Using the Bless Downloader.exe it will be the original text/font. If u want the smaller font version uncheck "Old Method" in the Help menu ” Tested it for only 2 hours, but it worked like a charm! Thank you again! I'll let you know if something "wrong" shows up.

  • Quote from Pentrep: “I don't think the font can be enlarged except by the UI. I think there is a setting for it if I'm not mistaken. ” Silly me. Why on Earth I didn't checked in the UI settings. Will do and thank you for reminding me

  • Any humor aside, but you guys are INSANE ! Superb job with the ENG patch! Seriously, I'll say it again, Thank you very much and highly appreciate all the work you've done ! Just a small request (I might be wrong tho), but if you can make the font (ofc not the chat font ) juuust a little bit more bigger.

  • Been using your patch for the past week. It's PERFECT ! Thank you very much and appreciate all the work you guys make for this! Just a humble request! If there's any chance the AUCTION house to be translated too ...

  • Quote from Pentrep: “You should try the discord. It's much more updated than Eto's patch. You'll have to ask someone for it though as I don't have invite power. ” Exactly! I've been playing on the JP OBT with it for the past few days and I'm much more satisfied by it. Here a link (no need to register, just download the patch):…975936/373196841866625044 They've posted a new update yesterday

  • I don't want to mislead you, but from what you've said, I think it's the quest where you have to buy a whole armor set from both NPC's (weapon and equipment). The most important thing is to buy a weapon and armor FOR YOUR CLASS! So have a look at the description of the item.