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  • Quote from Angelcry: “The humaniod versions look a bit like dolls to me. I personally find them a smidge weird/creepy? Not totally sure why it puts me off. I love the animal versions though, and I've never been someone who's played animal races. There's something about them that just looks and feels fun. I don't mind the humaniod versions being available though. The more variety the better imo. ” I agree but I think they added them to give a non furry option to people who don't want to go that r…

  • Pet/Mount Floating Rarity Orb

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    I think the orb is annoying. The original game didn't have it and I don't know why they added it. I hope they make an option to hide it because it's just silly, imho.

  • I think part of the problem also was that it wasn't on par with keeping up with the existing F2P titles like BNS. The game was far from ready and they rushed it thinking they could pull off a soft launch sorta like what FFXIV tried to do. The difference here though is Neowiz is a much smaller company with fewer assets. So out of the gate it's going to have a lot going against it, especially in Korea.

  • Yeah, they have a lot of ground to make up, lol. Hopefully they can pull it off.

  • KR English Patch

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    Try downloading it from discord.…975936/373196841866625044

  • Right now as it stands pets are mostly cosmetic with a few perks that are hardly game breaking. They already have premium pets and they aren't really game breaking either from what I can tell. Time will tell if they implement pet combat or not. I wouldn't count on it though.

  • Bless has a really tall order to fill and a lot of ground to make up. It just makes me worried to see the Korean version is all but abandoned at this point. I haven't logged in KR for a while but JP even has a seasonal event which I wasn't expecting at all.


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    Captcha is a pain for sure. It takes a few tries but eventually you'll find one you can manage. KR version is much more user friendly...

  • Quote from IPD: “Any humor aside, but you guys are INSANE ! Superb job with the ENG patch! Seriously, I'll say it again, Thank you very much and highly appreciate all the work you've done ! Just a small request (I might be wrong tho), but if you can make the font (ofc not the chat font ) juuust a little bit more bigger. ” I don't think the font can be enlarged except by the UI. I think there is a setting for it if I'm not mistaken.

  • Quote from Sarcastic: “Quote from Pentrep: “I wouldn't count on it but maybe who knows. It's a lot of resources and Neowiz is going to be looking to save money and cut corners.Of the other 3 the most realistic would seem to be pet combat since the idea is basically half there already. They just need to be given abilities and controls. ” I really wouldn't like to have pets fighs, I prefer that stay just in buffs and the others skills they have. Don't really want a pokemon game. Maybe is because e…

  • I guess that makes sense. I don't think many developers would abandon the source game and from what I'm seeing right now that is what it looks like. Only time will tell though.

  • So I've brought this up in a few other threads but I thought it was worth mentioning. Is anyone else worried that Neowiz has been rather quiet about updates to the Korean client? I know they are trying to update the Japanese client but this makes me think negatively about what they are doing? Think of it this way....The KR version is the source client. It's usually a bad sign when the source client doesn't see any updates for a while. What does everyone else think about this issue? Thanks for yo…

  • Quote from Nocht: “Quote from Estekiwi: “Usually, tiny race looks more faster, more dynamic in combat ... and less identifiable for pvp in return, their skin armor are often ugly (but not too bad in Bless) ” My choice for mascu main was mainly cause of this. It feels faster to play. Movement with smaller feet and attack speed. Of course, I know it's not actually any different than other races. With the slowness of classes like berserker pre-rebuild, I found it much more tolerable to play them on…

  • Quote from FreakonFlight: “Lets start out by saying that the main two MMO's I have played are Black Desert Online and Dragons Dogma Online (using a vpn) also that I am playing Bless using action combat on the Japanese Rebuild Server These are in no particular order BTW #1 Climbing mechanics. So many games have this and in a world with massive mountains and very steep hills its crazy not too have it. #2 Combat update. I know the devs are working on this but my main issue is getting hit by enemies…

  • I'm hoping Season 4 is early in 2018 because I feel like the game has made very little progress lately and it's a bit concerning.

  • help with bless JP

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    I don't think it's been torrented yet but you might have better luck with the KR version.

  • The auction house takes some time to figure out but once you figure it out it isn't that bad to navigate. Keep in mind you need a VPN running to use the AH.

  • Housing Discussion

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    Let's just hope if they do housing that it isn't handled as poorly as FFXIV. Pricing and availability in that game is nothing short of ridiculous.

  • Naval battle

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    We'll have to wait and see. They have much more pressing issues then adding sea/undersea combat. They do probably need to fix swimming though, it's really clunky and hard to control.

  • Housing Discussion

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    Quote from Superhiro: “Quote from Nocht: “There is no player housing in Bless. At most, you can.. stay in one of the buildings and roleplay that it's your house.. ” I really wish there was housing. Playing in a big world is awesome, but you would think that you would have a home in that world. Hard to imagine that a char goes through all that growth without proper sleep lol. ” I mean...there are plenty of MMO's that do fine without housing. In the end it's all cosmetic and extra. If your thinkin…