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  • Is this the dead zone?

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    I'm just wondering... has anyone heard anything what so ever? Any information at all for the North American release of Bless? I'm well aware that Aeria Games has dropped Bless and that they company behind Bless Online is "dedicated" on bringing it to the western market, but has anyone heard anything lately. I was so excited for this game, I didn't want to play on Korean or Japanese version but it looks like I just might have too. Would someone be so kind as too sending me the information on sett…

  • Astelia Online

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    Gender lock... nope. Also to mention it looks like a cheaper version of Tera Online.

  • That's false a company would contact via email if it was under NDA. Not to mention one of my friends is huge on twitch and does Korean reviews for Bless Online, he would be first to receive a testing "key". I think your friend is full of sh!t

  • Quote from Aishrod: “I happen to know that some beta e-mails went out, and they are expecting to start testing the game summer of 2017, so that is something at least. ” Where are you getting this information?

  • Quote from Aishrod: “Just a heads up, I happen to know they sent out some closed beta e-mails. They are estimating starting closed beta in the summer. ” Where did you hear this?

  • Bless Armor Designs

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    The Cloth gear I've been getting I tend to like.

  • I've always PVP in pervious MMOs and done pretty well with my Guilds. I've been playing Mystic on the RU server and found there's little to no people. I just might jump over to the KR version because I heard it's much more populated with updates happening almost weekly, as well as new content. Never used discord before but very familiar with Teamspeak. I would love to join a guild with lots of potential going into the NA release of Bless and also getting the hang of the KR version to be prepared…

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