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  • Thank you guys so much for the patch as it is the most updated one. I was just wondering if you plan to release more updates. Today was a patch day as well. I would gladly donate a bit to your cause if it helps. Much appreciated!!

  • Im currently playing the KR Bless Online and my skills on my mystic are all question marks and unusable. I actually purchased some gems to buy all skills up to lvl.30 and none are registering. Why is this happening?~!~~?

  • LF Herion Guild in KR Server

    Bearily - - Korean Servers


    Hi, I am playing Bless all alone and dont understand korean at all. Im very lonley >.< Was wondering if there was a guild on the KR server, there is only 1 server. I am on Herion Faction. My IGN: 베어리 (Its korean because I wanted to blend in) Please adopt me >.<

  • 1st Gather Quest Hieron/Habichts

    Bearily - - Crafting


    Just want to be helpful to those who were also stuck like me even after reading this forum thread. Wheat is in front and all around the area of the shop. It looks like wheat not the tall grass. What made me finally see it was higher graphics, showing more environmental range detail, and the camera level with the ground. Somehow I was finally able to see alot of little patches further from the shop in like the large empty area before you hit the university wall. Hopefully this helps those who wer…

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