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  • It's been a while guys! I've been busy relocating to a new house. I'm currently downloading Bless Rebuild and will update the patch by 10/5.

  • pF4tDdl.jpgOdEe9Cm.jpgVq027EK.jpgeE36yCM.jpg Big update! Calian and Antyr helped me integrate Cult 2.1 with my English Patch! My next plan is to translate Guardian skills, location names, and crafting descriptions.

  • Felt like eternity, but Paladin skills are fully translated! Rather than translating Guardian skills, I'll be working on polishing existing files + working on crafts & item descriptions.

  • This is only for rebuild. Sorry!

  • Navigating Auction

    Eto - - Rebuild Test Server


    By request, I'll be showing how to navigate the Auction window. Main Window 5Q88QBs.jpg 1 - Rarity Type: All, at least Poor, at least Normal, at least Uncommon, at least Rare, at least Epic, at least Legendary. 2 - Level Range 3 - Weapon 4 - Armor 5 - Accessory 6 - Items 7 - Junk / Materials 8 - Can Use 9 - Can Purchase 10 - Watchlist 11 - Register an item to my Watchlist Sell Item E3ZYAt5.jpg 1- Register an Item 2 - Duration 3 - Quantity 4 - To purchase or sell an item, you must interact with t…

  • Mage skills are fully translated! I will need to proofread at a later date. I'm planning to translate Paladin Skills after Rebuild Update (8/17). In meantime, I'll be taking a break or translating craft.

  • By Request, I'm sharing some screenshots of the ENG patch. Loading Screen MrwlXs4.jpg Customizing MgL3d2j.jpg Character Status aTkVvgF.jpg Game Settings zqa17AO.jpg Daily & Weekly Order CBO2j4s.jpg Companion Info QSun77k.jpg sthGgCI.jpg Assassin Skills (Berserker is also fully translated) 0hZVhnf.jpg Mage Skills 2fUPm8i.jpg Equipment Info (Basic Description) BZckos2.jpg

  • Hey guys. I've been working on an English patch for Rebuild. It is not complete, but I'll be updating it often. Link: What I worked on Game UI Character Customization Character Info Item Stats Inventory Expansion Gathering Monster Book Layout Social Interactions & Chat Commands Daily/Weekly Order PVP Rewards & Rank Names Berserker Skills Assassin Skills Mage Skills Paladin Skills Mount Skills Pet Skills Waypoint Names Craft Proficiency Rank Names What was integrated from Cult 2.1 M…

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