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  • Nice post! I also feel like this current system is unfair for some people. I know my friends almost can't tame something because of their poor computers, so the moving bar is lagging AF. However, just like the bright yellow rectangle says, new posted content on this website will be lost because the website is changing it's server currently. So you should post this on the "new" server : here.

  • Quote from Jerome15: “Is there anywhere to give feedback? I'm liking the changes and everything, but I think the female hair needs to be fixed. Some of them have what looks like a balding line more than it is a part in the hair. I feel like this could be an issue later on. ” Here for the character creation feedback : ​Character Creation Feedback Thread All the different Feedback threads (gameplay, UI/UX, character creation...) are in this sub-forum : Rebuild Test Server

  • Dual Sword?

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    I think there's a translation error, because the Assassin is the only class to be able to equip two "weapons", and those are daggers (unless I missed some important stuff in the game). If other classes can also equip a second "weapon", those are shields or things like that.

  • bless access

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    You can't access the NA/EU server, because it doesn't exist yet. Bless may come to NA/EU in one or two years, after the Rebuild Server is finished updating. However, you can play on the Korean server on either the Live Server or the Rebuild Server (this one is basically a test server for upcomming major features and changes, all of those changes will be applied at once on the live server and will be available on the potential future EU/NA servers).

  • True or not?

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    Bless is far from dead. Neowiz still wants to release the game in EU/NA even if Aeria Games will not publish it. Did you heard of Rebuild? It's basically a test server for the new features and mechanics. The Rebuild Server is getting two updates (aka one huge update separate in two smaller ones) on September 7th and September 14th respectively, so it's far from being dead! Bless Online : Rebuild will feature basically a whole new game once it gets more updates, so stay tuned! Once Rebuild will b…

  • Quote from Tsurata: “From now on you will be able to select skills from a group freely, without needing previous skills. (?, might need some clearance after the update day) ” From my experience, a skill group is the skills which are connected with a line (basically a column of 3 skills in the skill tree). Previously, we had to have unlocked the first skill (top skill) of a group to unlock the second one (middle skill), and unlock the second skill to unlock the third one (bottom one). So it seems…

  • I've had this issue too, just like my friends. I didn't find the exact problem yet, but there's a couple of things you can do that seemingly helps to prevent the 80% loading bug : - When the game launches (before you choose a character), try to wait a few minutes (don't wait 10 minutes, it's way too long for nothing) just to make sure the game finishes loading. - When launching the game, disable your VPN when the game enters full screen, because your game will load faster without the VPN and the…

  • Quote from vegax87: “you have to desynthetize gear or crystals that you get from dungeon mobs in order to obtain blue balls or another crafting item ” Thanks so much! I also found another way (not reliable though), you can do daily/weekly challenges. Press 'Escape', then there's a blue magic circle like thing in the middle column, open this menu and make sure you are in the first tab of it, There are the daily/weekly challenges.

  • I'm new to the game and I don't find any way (except PvP) to get those blue spheres needed to craft 99% of the items. Is there any way to get those without doing PvP? It would be a shame that we can't craft anything without PvP.

  • I started playing Bless recently (like a week ago) and I started by the Rebuild server. I'm new, but I follow the game since before CBT1, which was in 2014 I think. Since the Rebuild is made to repair mistakes from the original game, I want to help out a bit by giving my feedback on the skill system/tree : Note : I don't know everything, so my points are based on my own experience, please tell me if I'm wrong. + The skill tree is clear and it's easy to know which skill is passive/active/reaction…

  • I'd love to be able to pay 30 bucks to play this game. Even if it would cost up to 60 bucks, I'd probably pay to play it.

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