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  • NEOWIZ SUNBAENIM~!! please read this .... the mage no longer having mana shield and a handful of other spells like sleep and cooling/ freeze spell is making it hard to do anything with at higher lvls it has so many struggles and you removing it's survivability at late game is making it even harder to do well even for people who played this class on the live server please think about the changes you made to the mage class, i'm very unhappy with the updates done to it's skill set

  • Quote from Nocht: “Quote from Puremystic: “does this mean the regular mascu is not in the game still? haven't played the rebuild server in almost a month ” ye, not there yet ” lol so they're abandoning the regular mascu all together?? just to put in this humanoid version in the test server??

  • does this mean the regular mascu is not in the game still? haven't played the rebuild server in almost a month

  • Quote from syeer: “this sound great... but i cant buy this acc coz i dont have paypal.. if someone can help me to get this acc i will be so thankfull ” you don't need a paypal, i believe paypyal has a guest feature so you don't even need to sign up, just use as a guest but it could depend on the site

  • Quote from Nocht: “Quote from Puremystic: “also it's weird seeing Mascu without ears... but i guess if people want a loli race.... this is their best alternative.... ” I think it's really unnecessary and is just to "go with the trend". I would rather the mascu race stay only as a humanoid fur race. Oh well tho ¯\_(ツ)_/¯. Quote from Terasbetoni: “Yeah, meant him. We can in the future will be here and was wondering about its implementation in the game ” A teaser of the warlock weapon.. for you. 20…

  • MY ELF CAN FINALLY HAVE THIN LEGS AND HIPS~!!! REJOICE!!! also does that mean we can make Humans and elves the same max height as Lupus and idk the other one.... lol also it's weird seeing Mascu without ears... but i guess if people want a loli race.... this is their best alternative....

  • lol wait did i say ranged? but yeah what vegas said ranger is archer/ bow user and they are 3 ranged classses in the game ALSO i made a mistake the assassin was the 5th class not the ranger... so i have no idea why the ranger is not in the test server as it was one of the original 4 classes

  • Quote from Astarte: “Quote from Furia: “Server goes online at 10:00 AM Korean Time on August 1st. Mystic and Ranger will NOT be available at Launch btw. ” Why, why no archer Q.Q I guess it's hard to make it, it could turn out like Tera archer copy ” the ranger is already in the game along with mystic on the live version but the ranger and mystic did not launch in the original game... so i'm assuming they didn't have time to start up their combat updates to fall in line with the original 5 classe…

  • the download made my computer crash.... that's never happened before.....

  • wow that's awesome. already downloading the pre-launch beta test client but 2 versions of bless on my computer?! my poor, limited storage space.... sad we have to craft taming scrolls now.... i hope the reward of taming is worth this nerf and balances it out to make it more fun glad summoning now gives your pets and mounts exp, and finally i can use an item to replenish my mounts sprint power (which was always empty lol)

  • Quote from Furia: “Crafting/Gathering…e60beaa5d7f915114ed2c4dc9 -You can choose 1 profession you want to "master" -If you want to master Blacksmith for example the items have higher quality and better stats -The crafting UI has been reworked -You have real professions now you have to learn and level. Blacksmith for Gear, Goldsmith for accessories and runes, Alchemist for Potions and Cook for Bufffood. -You now need recipes to learn how to craft specific items -Reci…

  • Gear enchanting

    Puremystic - - General Discussion


    in the current version your item can fail enchanting and lose lvls.... in regards to socketting and upgrading your gem stones...

  • yay i can't wait to play~!!! wonder what they did to the mage combat system.... was easily my fave and it was super smooth once you knew the combos... hope they didn't change too much in that aspect~!

  • Rebuild Project Announced

    Puremystic - - News


    Quote from tamberleigh: “No, I never got into the Korean game. Oh well, I'll just have to stalk other people. ” ..... you can still buy an account and make a char and then get into the test server... lol it won't be up this fast

  • Rebuild Project Announced

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    Quote from tamberleigh: “Quick question ... how do we get onto the test server? Asking for myself and a friend who badly want to join in on the fun. ” Furia said as long as you have an existing korean account you can automatically get into the test server and i believe you play on the korean server, right? so you should be fine

  • Char name: PureMystic Faction: Union Class: Mage most likely/ maybe Mystic

  • Rebuild Project Announced

    Puremystic - - News


    Like everything i'm reading except abandoning everything and rebuilding from sctratch.... the framework is there... they just need to build upon it... hope i can enter the test server

  • Mystic Mega-thread

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    Quote from Kurokazu: “(I'm sorry if someone already asked this) How viable is the Mystic as a DPS class? I generally like to play hybrid mage/healer classes. In Aion I played a Songweaver, which was pretty dps heavy, yet also had plenty of healing and buffing skills. Its main job was to DPS, assist the Cleric (with heals and mana regen) and dispel bosses. Though I really enjoy healing, I also like to be able to have pretty good DPS. I've watched tons of Mystic gameplay videos, and mostly what I …

  • its already editted in korea to blackish brown... so will go to other servers

  • They already censored the "KKK" looking Third Eye Cult costumes in Korea npcs and the player costume all they did was change it to dark brown (npcs who already had it in black stay in the black color"

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