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  • Rebuild Project Announced

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    Quote from Furia: “I got some "exclusive" information from the project manager i'd like to share with you guys. 1. The rebuild test server will be available for everyone(with a verified account ofc) 2. I suggested a dynamic weather system and they decided to work on it as well. ” Sounds pretty good, and looks very good as well ! I'm curious if they have already finished the warlock class and put it off with the next major update, or if they're still working on it. I'm so excited...

  • Just a question: Will Bless actually ever come to the west? I read some articles which say that it won't be released here. And by the way i support your idea. I'd pay up to 50€

  • What do you think about the Warlock?

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    Hi guys, I've recently seen a Warlock (NPC i guess) in a trailer of Bless on YouTube. I don't know if y'all have already noticed that but I'm just gonna show you. It's known that the planned weapon for the Warlock is a scythe as you can see in the picture. But i think i haven't seen the armor design before. My question is: What do you think about the Warlock? What is he going to be like in terms of specs? I'd really like to read your statements.…2241c15997a7ead1ce4…

  • Definitely had the same thoughts. I think Bless needs a little more "flavor" if it's the right word. The developers don't seem to really perceive that optics play a huge role in MMORPGs. I think thats just a point that's important which keeps players attracted to the game and doesn't make them feel bored. Especially when you mentioned the regions. There are definitely really good regions, but those which seem to be "naked" as you said, are the ones i consider as boring. I think every area/region…

  • I think the combat is pretty much ok imo. But they could improve it by smoother combat(maybe faster attacks?). Although All in all its ok but feels a bit clunky too.

  • Yay! When will it come tho?

  • To be honest, i would spend so much money for cool skins/costumes instead of useless pay2win crap. They could consider putting (more?) effort into awesome skins which attracts many players to pay for it. Maybe some "armor set skins". Or even particular gear skins for example shoulders to be able to create ur own kind of skin set.i think no mmo has that kind of cash shop.

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