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  • Steam early acces is a good option imo and I guess Neowiz will publish the game there soon, I'm not affraid, the Bless fan-base in EU/NA is huge and will be there when the announcement will be here. The only real question is, will they add content enought to feed the players.

  • True or not?

    Zeddicus40 - - General Discussion


    Indeed Aeria Games has droped the contract with Neowiz, but Neowiz sait they will publish the game in EU/NA by themself, so it will came ot sooner ot later Don't worry it's not dead !

  • Oh indeed it seems the hosting website has corrupt the picture, I'll fix this tonight thanks for the report

  • Thanks for these numbers, I was more interested in the skills for the skill builder, but your number can be used for another function who knows

  • Project revive is here for some times now and I will start updating the companion (the skill builder at least) and I need you to give me some informations about it. I need to know some points like: - how many skill point it take to level up a skill to level 2-3-4 etc. - How many skill points in total you have - what skills (if there are) are avaliable and no more avaliable in the game So give me a lot of informations, the more informations I'll get the fastest I'll update the skill builder. Than…

  • UI English Patch

    Zeddicus40 - - Rebuild Test Server


    Thanks for this, really helpfull

  • Name : Zeddicùs Faction : Hieron if there will be players in this one Class : Mystic I guess

  • Yeah that's why I'm waiting atm, and I'll probably wait an official translation for the description to match the official descriptions and not a fan translation that can contain some mistakes :p

  • Rebuild Project Announced

    Zeddicus40 - - News


    Nice screenshots I'm ready to test a lot of things on the test server, but I got one thing to notice... DON'T TOUCH THE MASCU è_é I got some questions : For the EU/NA release, I guess the game will be translated in english, did they planed other language like French German etc? Are they gonna voice act the cutscenes ? Did they planed to release an API ? Did they planned to do some funder packs for the EU/NA (even on steam) Did they schedule an early acces before 2018 ? Aeria Games work have been…

  • With the recent announcement of a project manager for the EU I'm gonna work back on the companion in some days. I'm waiting to see the changes and what I'll need to update or rework. Stay Tuned guys, the companion is not dead !

  • If they make it b2p at 20€ / 20$ (event not an early acces but a real b2p) I'll buy it at the second it's on steam store, for me, i's a big YES !

  • After a whole day of work, here it is ! The new UI of the skill builder, I know there is a glitch with the "back" and "screenshot" button, it will be solved in the next version. But for now I need to sleep, i really wanted to update the application with the new UI today... I got a lot of wok left on the application but... not today Don't forget to clean your cache if the update is bugged. Enjoy

  • Here we are, I'm working on the UI of the skill builder, here is a sneak peak LRH4rKu.jpg

  • Another small update : Added the portuguese translation (not everything is translated but the ressource map and dungeon names are translated.

  • Hello here ! It's been a long time without any upate (I'm not gonna enter in details but I got litteraly no time to work these days). But here we are ! I'm back and I got a lot of ideas for the tool. I've already uploaded the v0.0.3.2 and it include the new moving world map function (send me your feedback). I've added some skills descriptions with the new graphic update. Stay Tuned

  • Inpakoh i guess, all the english community is on this one, so i will be easy to find some poeple to play with Edit : I've already added the Portuguese translation (except the boss skills / strategy) and it's working great ! I'm still working on the graphism rework (it will be long but it should be worth :p ). I'm still looking on the bug with the map (it's not an important one but i'll love to fix it asap). Stay Tuned ! A lot of stuff are coming soon

  • Hello there ! My WoW subscription is now over, i'll work on the Bless-Companion. The 28 with the mystic arrival on the RU server, i'll reroll, and take a lot of screenshots with the new english pack. I'll take a lot of screenshots of dungeons informations etc. I'll try to play with my guild and the community to make my leveling and the dungeons runs as fast as possible. Them I'll prepare the skills description update for all the classes, and add the portuguese translation (already started). If y…

  • Just some news, the project is not dead don't worry, i'm finishing my wow subscribtion (12 days left), after that a huge update will come. - A bit of portuguese translation (thanks to Miz who send me these translations) - The skill descriptions update for the skill builder (and ALL classes) - Some UI tweak (I got some ideas and I'll try to improve the UI for all the application soon enough) If you wanna help me to fix and update the application, send me translations fix, any error etc by PM on B…

  • Thanks A huge update will come when my world of warcraft subscription will end (in 20 days). and some days of work. Don't worry

  • I'm working on the world map actually, i'm trying to improve the zoom and dragging. It's actually much much smoother, but i got some bugs with the new script version. I'm working on it don't worry Oh and I've not noticed the mystic skill builder is avaliable

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