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  • Quote from Nayukhuut: “It's like watching a child finally start to grow up. They have a long way to go, but you can tell they're now on the right path. ” This is not so sure !! We have not seen the rebuild game yet ... Only imanges , informations.. And many promises:) I suggest everyone to wait and try first time.

  • Quote from xok: “Hello, i need buy a verified Bless KR account , = Stock out anyone know some url ???? ” Hiho yep but seagame is cheap.. 1-3 day and available in stock : ) ceep calm :pp Other…ea-open-beta-account.html or

  • Quote from Furia: “e0_t2.png -The Rebuild Test Server will go live on August 1st. -You need a valid Korean Bless Account to play on the Rebuild Test Server -The Client Download will be available on July 28th. -The majority of the English community plays on Union -Discord Server Rebuild Content -Character Grow -Updated Combat System -Gathering/Crafting -Upgradable Mounts and new Taming -New User Interface -New Character Creation ” Thank you dear Furia. You'd know how to tell me how long will it b…

  • Quote from Clyon: “you really helped me guys big thank you ” welcome there Quote from Nayukhuut: “I imagine that when it's up, the test server will be selectable alongside the normal server, but I do not know. HOWEVER, I can help with getting the game downloaded and set up. Nito has an amazing guide for that here. It's a little dated, but still absolutely useful for getting the game running. ” yes But I think the test server needs to work with separate new rebuild procejt game files So I still d…

  • Quote from Clyon: “Hey guys, I am new here. I played on the russian servers and want to play again on the kr testservers. But i have no idea where or how to create an account. hope you can help me ” Hiho welcome there : ) you need kr bless pmang verified account. You can buy an account there cheap: 2.34$ accepted paypal pament methode or credit card ect... you can bless game download there: click blue or…

  • Nickname: Miro Faction: Union Class: Mage

  • Rebuild Project Announced

    Tauriel - - News


    Hi guys, Someone know that Korean test server is the same as the new developed Japanese version? O:o New Video improved jp version: Or is it completely different? I see jp new version changed UI ability(skill) hotkey, and added +1 hotkey 1,2,3,4,5,6,7,8 9 so added 9. slot. Maybe korean test server have same 9 ability slot? i hope 9 ability slot img: blessskill.png

  • [UPDATE] 19.01.17

    Tauriel - - Russian Servers


    thank you patch notes information boss pet very cuteee

  • Sziasztok! Hamarosan lehet csatlakozni a klánhoz. Az orosz verzióban válaszd a : Гиракон rnpakoh szervert és Hiron frakciót. További információk a facebook oldalunkon olvashatóak Facebook oldal ---------------- Eng version text: Hi! Soon you can join the clan. The Russian version to choose: Гиракон rnpakoh server and Hiron fraction. More information can be read on the facebook page Click here bless hungary facebook sites hi all

  • Quote from EvilCodo: “i'm playing bless on russian server. 101xp put much more items in shop than there is on korea but its still ok. russians have much problems with game optimization, server lags, partial 50 lvl content and some more issues and mistakes but bless is still better mmo than others. are u paing money or not there is no big differnce except premium account, which is very useful. i have cheapest premium which cost 4$ and playing very comfortable. there is no item in shop which u can…

  • lol nice guild emblem

  • Hi. hm thank you english patch next english patch can translate Auction house? now AH langue is RU ty

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