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    Quote from Darkpocoyo: “wohhh rly? 1 year w8ng for it and naw i read i can't play for 2 years more?? T_T im from Spain and when i saw it i say lol new game with wow movements (neverwinter) and graphics of Lineage 2 it can be awesome.... and i have to w8 3 years? i think in dat time alot new games born ” He just said that you don't have to wait, you can play game in mean time on Korean server. I'm downloading it atm. There is youtube video that explains how to get into game.

  • What would I pay for an early access/betta access to the game that you can't be sure will make it. With this being an online game, I would not pay nothing, simply because if game does not make it, you are not left with playable game, but with something that just does not work any more. In my opinion, F2P game is way to go, with item shop of items that will help you progress and / or styling shop that will make you look better is a way to go, but for PVE game to succeed, on top of PVE environment…

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