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  • Update: For those interested in joining, we would prefer you get some experience in bless on japan before becoming a confirmed member in the guild. As a player levels up, they are set to "pending" members to let people know that you are going to be tested to see if you are competent and capable of listening to directions when running the 15v15 battlegrounds and dungeons.

  • Quote from Rapwnzel: “Looking for opinions on the pet items and cash shop from PVPers. How do these non-cosmetic items affect balance, and does it feel P2W? Really excited for game except for these RNG, cash shop only pet buffs. Thanks ~ ” Nothing in the cash shop gives you pvp advantage.

  • Update: We are accepting all roles now due to the changes in combat for NA release.

  • UPDATE: All class roles are available to play except for mages. WE ARE NOT ACCEPTING MAGES AT THIS TIME.

  • We have decided that once NA hits, we will be trying our best to choose the faction that will have the most struggle for more open world PvP. We will not anymore be set in stone on a faction. We know how both work anyway.

  • We are currently only looking for Guardians and Berserkers now. All other roles have been filled. Any new player who get's accepted into the guild can only play as these 2 classes. If they choose to play as another class on launch, will not be accepted into the guild.

  • If you look at the guild recruitment thread, you can see a list of guilds that are recruiting. You should probably read up on them and pick what is to your liking.

  • Quote from CeCeKitty: “I just joined the Japanese Server today. Is the guild still active?. ” yes, if you joined our discord, we can discuss more to see if you are a good fit for the guild.

  • Japan accounts are free.…t-playing-bless-in-japan/

  • Like i was saying before, mystic cannot heal the hardmode dungeons. (like the dungeons that are actually hard lol). Because they can't put out the big heals compared to a paladin can within a short amount of time. Paladin = your go-to healer. Ive seen mystics main heal before, but they main heal in normal-mode dungeons where everyone is already mostly geared and knows the mechanics to the teeth perfectly.

  • Paladin = main heal and it always was even before rebuild changes. Mystic "could" main heal in certain dungeons back before rebuild on the level 50 content but it was only normal modes, not really hardmodes. Koreans ran with paladins only for the hardmodes because mystic heals are not strong enough. Mystic has and most likely forever will be a off-healer/buffer (and ofc jack of all trades class like it was before). The only changes to the ranger would be the damage increase and the trap changes.…

  • Quote from Pentrep: “Quote from Korealer: “The only difference between KR and JP dungeons is the HP difference for the 43 nigraturis dungeon. On japan, its 40k less HP than KR, and can only run the dungeon once a day. (ofc can run unlimited amount of times on KR because its a "test" server) That 40k HP difference to be honest is a 10 second difference lol. Overall, all mechanics are exactly the same. It's literally an HP difference. And if something isn't working on KR-rebuild server, its becaus…

  • Quote from Pentrep: “Quote from Helix: “Is the japan client running the KR rebuild changes? Even dungeon difficulty? If so, that makes the KR version totally pointless. The fact they patched the ranger on the JPN server without even having a test for it on the KR server I suppose should've been a huge indicator. Right now if they launched with the changes on KR in the NA market the game would fail miserably. Bless is about 4-5 years too late, maybe they could of rode in on the coattails of FFXIV…

  • We have also been farming the 45 dungeon and know every exact mechanic to make the fights 10x easier on the group to speed run it. On top of that, we know all of the mechanics for future dungeons including 10 man raids and level 50 dungeons.…Xvcq_aj4CgCi7XBwWOsEeYYG2

  • Update: Have been running the level 45 dungeon on japan and getting geared up. If anyone has any questions, you can contact me on the Bless discord or PM on there.

  • Fraction balance

    Korealer - - Races


    Guys, faction imbalance is not a big deal in Bless. The only time faction imbalance is an issue would be during World Boss events and Basel Canyon (its an area of the map where heiron camp is north and union is south and elites/mini-bosses in the middle that dropped crafting mats before re-build). thats it lol. Capital sieges are within your own faction as a GvG event once a week between the guilds who own territories, and 100v100 is well, controlled to 100v100 only. And they even balance out th…

  • Official TwitchCon recap and FAQ!

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    Right, there are no super pay2win items in the cash shop currently in japan and korea (although korea doesnt count because the re-build server is for testing purposes only) But before pre-rebuild on the main server, nothing was pay2win.

  • Any JP Players?

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    Sorry we are on Hieron side

  • You cannot buy taming scrolls anymore. you have to CRAFT them now. crafting them is actually very easy.

  • Official TwitchCon recap and FAQ!

    Korealer - - News


    They already stated that they will not go with the P2W model in the cash shop in their Steam FAQ from last week. It may come in the far future but not at launch (which is what matters anyway since thats when its the most balanced in mmos)

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