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  • Server Types?

    tamberleigh - - General Discussion


    Personally, I'm all about the PVE, especially dungeons. I would PVP sometimes just to see what the fuss was or to help when my guild wanted to go for territory, and sometimes it was fun. Sometimes it wasn't. My two cents is pretty much this: There needs to be PVP options because people like PVP. I don't. A lot of other people don't. But from what I've seen, the hardcore PVPers spend lots of money to buy pots, crafting materials, fortifying materials, etc. Companies like money, so it doesn't make…

  • Source versus Steam

    tamberleigh - - Website Feedback


    The Steam forums are ... strange. I don't really like how they're put together at all. It would be nice if Neowiz adopted this site, but if they make their own, with their own forums (and blackjack), I'll probably go sneak a peek there, but considering how long we've all been here ... well, I'm too lazy to change. As for the skill builder, maybe no one made one because there wasn't all that much hope of ever seeing the game? Hopefully now with a release in the nearish future someone will be able…

  • Bless is coming to Steam in 2018

    tamberleigh - - News


    This made waking up worthwhile! Soon I shall be able to make all my pantera dreams come true.

  • Sorry, Nocht, I'm with Nayu on this one. My (eventually, hopefully) pantera guardian won't be related to my -- oh, Habicht mystic -- by anything more than the fact that I play them. While I like last names because you can make siblings (with another player/s) or a family or clan with members of a guild, I don't like being shoehorned into an account wide last name. I like the idea of added depth with the two name option. If it's there, I'll take advantage of it. If not, I won't mourn it.

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