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  • Gamepad Support (Steam?)

    VanXz - - General Discussion


    Hey All, I hope you're having a great weekend. Before I start, I have to say I'm quite a controller/gamepad nerd now since I tried FF XIV but was disappointed by slow gameplay and confusing systems. I currently play WoW with my Xbox One Controller and wondered what you guys think if the Steam Controller Mapping might work for Bless? As they said, never say never and they might (I guess never say never is a YES) look into it could be damn fun to play in those beautiful areas smoothly. Hopefully w…

  • Very happy to see all those infos! Everyone who still complains about every little bit should get a better life and get locked out of the game! Guys, those people are working hard for us and sometimes stuff just doesn't work out how you like it, you have to consider it's all in Asia and stuff might be slower or harder to execute. They just do their very best at work, I guess you would do the same and feel bad if people complain about every new announcement, just see the positive in it. It takes …

  • Quote from Pentrep: “I think the game is too large to zip. Torrent is an option but torrent wouldn't work very well because you don't have many seeds for it. I'd suggest just waiting it out. ” A torrent would still be good as my download is now on 2GB after a whle day. it's frozen for some reason...


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    so far i only noticed mascu as a difference but i didnt play through all classes and only the mage

  • - everything in here - check out patch 2 by pure luck.

  • Any JP Players?

    VanXz - - Japan


    there are only 2 servers and i used the full one, still could get in. but the vpn has to be on which annoyed me and its laggy / fps spikes / ping delays. i switch back to KOR and wait for EU.

  • Hi guys, does someone have the korean version as a zipped file in original condition ? my downloader is incredibly slow although i use 100mb/s internet and vpn is off for downloading. only finished 1.23 gb of 19.1 / 39.0 ... would be amazing as JPN is lagging with fps spikes and delays (ping) through vpn. David


    VanXz - - Questions and Answers


    The red button means start!!! and you HAVE to replace the language files very quickly after the launcher disappears BEFORE the splash launches! The servers are very high populated, 2 servers, one is aparently full and one high. testing it now in terms of ping stuff. theres a fix i think within the guide below:…t-playing-bless-in-japan/

  • Official TwitchCon recap and FAQ!

    VanXz - - News


    I wouldn't mind either way Buy to play or free to play and cash shop, but I HOPE that it will be cosmetic stuff only. the summoning friends for lumena and inventory is fine, but please leave out the xp boosts and all that stuff. WoW also doesn't have it. I understand that you need to support the game somehow, its difficult. Maybe buy to play would be better than and a bunch of cosmetics and some summoning inventory stuff. or just subscription based, i happily pay for this stunning game, so incre…

  • thanks a lot guys! i fixed it with the help of a streamer, she gave me her KOR patch and i also reinstalled the game so after that it was fine cant wait for 2018,

  • yeah, unfortunately i don't have the original files anymore ._. is there a chance you can send them to me via wetransfer / dropbox? just the KR folder, maybe the original one and your one? i messed mine a bit up it seems, as i installed 3 EN versions. thanks!

  • Hi Guys, This game is absolutely stunning. Well it's not perfect I'm sure, but I heard the collab was with Epic Games and Paragon on Unreal Engine is already stunning. Prefer this way more over TERA and rest. So coming to my question, unfortunately my skill bar is all black and I am experimenting with the correct layover my different EN patches I downloaded. However I feel this is more of a technical issue and if someone can help me out getting this fixed would be greatly appreciated. I can't le…

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