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  • Bless is coming to Steam in 2018

    CrescentDark - - News


    Im so happy for this, lets wish the best!

  • I dont like it much, though likely i will not choose the Mascu race it isnt worry me. By the way, for players who love Mascu race, a humanoid version of this is not that bad.

  • bless access

    CrescentDark - - General Discussion


    I would also download the KR version but i dont have the patience for it, since i dont know well how VPN works etc etc. Im just waiting for the western version and unfortunaly we must wait 1-2 years until its release. If you live in Europe then its fine to play when it releases, i've heard there would be an IP Block and in the previous site i asked if it will have IP Block on Greece(where i live), and most of the people who responded said there will be no problem. In conclusion, NA/EU players wi…

  • Hello, i recommend you to wait until the western version of Bless will be release quite soon(i guess), but as others said you may need a VPN to connect to the game the same as it is in KR or EU/NA. If you know very well English then it may be easier for you the western version.

  • Bless is coming to TwitchCon 2017

    CrescentDark - - News


    Its so nice seeing that Bless's progress is moving well, but the important would be if they updated and announce to us the progess of the western market if its going as it goes by the plans, the changes maybe in the game, combat system is also what worry us. Anyway, i wish best of luck!

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