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  • feedback for fire mage

    Puremystic - - Ideas & Feedback


    right-clicking the auto atk spell turns off the automatic dmg if the box is highlighted yellow or you use right click instead of lef-click you will highlight the box to continuously auto atttack which is good for the shield duration and keeping your mana up in boss fights i've not had an issue with using flame burst then the other fire spells because there's a nice little animation cast time before you use the automated auto attack.... i'd suggest just being faster with your rotations, because h…

  • As a Pure Mystic myself.... i would be shunned for picking druid and although the Mystic's skills are tied to animals and nature for some they also have a ton of spells that are just generally mystical plus the name sounds fancier... and i'm biased lol

  • Official TwitchCon recap and FAQ!

    Puremystic - - News


    wow great news i better be included in the early feedback, simply because i will complain if the mage is still rubbish after the greatness it was pre-rework lol and i know quite a bit about the game as well :3 but yay finally a western release is on the horizon

  • 2nd dream and the mana skill look new, i can't tell if the first 2 are old aoe spells are brand new ones ... still no mana shield i hope this on the live server....

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