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  • English voice acting in progress

    vegax87 - - News


    I must admit Brent Miller is really versatile because ranging from Pantera\Lupus to Mascu voices is not easy

  • pve server?

    vegax87 - - Questions and Answers


    there won't be a PvE server but you can buy the "Peace Dove" item which gives you PvP immunity for 10 mins in the General Merchant (5 silver coins) or Cash Shop (15 Lumena)

  • Pick cotton for crafting?

    vegax87 - - Crafting


    Quote from Snowdog: “Hello! Where can i find cotton in the game? how do i get it? ” You can take a loot at this crafting resources map: Thicket Bush = Cotton

  • Check your inventory if you have any jewel that you need to equip, you should have received them as quest reward

  • there's an Equipment vendor near the dungeon entrance where you can buy your leveling gear, no need to buy it from the AH

  • this thread deserves to be pinned, thanks for sharing

  • A Return of Many Years(?)

    vegax87 - - Talk


    welcome back

  • [Dev Talk] 2018 Development Roadmap

    vegax87 - - News


    Hello! It feels like only yesterday when we last greeted everyone, we can’t believe it’s already been three months. Time sure flies! This week we are finally able to present to you the first “Dev Talk,” where we hope to officially address some things that you have all been curious about regarding Bless Online’s Steam service. Starting with today’s Dev Talk on Steam development, we plan to continually publish Dev Talks about development progress, concerns, and detailed plans. We hope you will enj…

  • Mystic o Paladin?

    vegax87 - - Italiano


    Quote from Zirats: “Qual'è il numero massimo di membri di un party? ” Il party singolo può avere fino a 5 pg, però puoi anche formare i raid con party multipli Quote from Zirats: “Qual'è la migliore composizione per farmare raid boss o dungeon? ” Tieni presente che i primi 2 dungeon a lv13 e lv 22 sono fattibili in solo, mentre più avanti ti servirà Tank, healer e 3 ranged dps (mago o arciere) oppure un secondo healer al posto del terzo dps Quote from Zirats: “Il Mystic può sostituire il Paladin…

  • Quote from SRTero: “Cancer... ” this video is better

  • Quote from Nocht: “Quote from Valbunny: “I say it is growing well for literally no company advertisement, no release date. ” That's another thing is Neowiz will really need to step it up with advertisements for Bless global. The hype meter is not all that high even when they announced the global released already upcoming for 2018. In my opinion massive ad campaigns like Kakao Games does with BDO will be necessary to start and keep a good player population instead of relying heavily on players sh…

  • Quote from Droty: “Quote from Pentrep: “You should try the discord. It's much more updated than Eto's patch. You'll have to ask someone for it though as I don't have invite power. ” Would like to know who I can ask. I can of ran into the same problem with a different quest in the game shortly after IPD was kind enough to help. Would very much like to continue playing. ” You can ask to Weakdayz who is the current english patch developer: [OFFICIAL] English patch (All servers)

  • Quote from IPD: “Been using your patch for the past week. It's PERFECT ! Thank you very much and appreciate all the work you guys make for this! Just a humble request! If there's any chance the AUCTION house to be translated too ... ” the Auction House can't be translated because it's a HTML <iframe> that links to an external webpage

  • December Update for Race/Classes

    vegax87 - - Japanese Server


    Can't wait for it! On Youtube it says on November 30th at 9:35 PM GMT+9

  • Naval battle

    vegax87 - - General Discussion


    I remember that naval battle was one of the promised features in Bless Online, so I contacted Willsin (the project manager) and made him aware that community wants a sea themed expansion with the Siren race and naval combat, if Neowiz will add this feature after release, it will absolutely epic! Fingers crossed..... Let's hope they will hear our wishes

  • yes he's General merchant but the name depends on how it is translated in the unofficial patches

  • Quote from Anttyr: “Onto the Rebuilt server Up to lvl 15 in the Lumen shop. Higher lvl taming scrolls in the AH. ” they should be available up to level 15 in the General Goods merchant as well

  • Server Types?

    vegax87 - - General Discussion


    Quote from Korealer: “Just to clarify some things.... the general goods merchant has an item for 5 silver where you are immune to being targeted in pvp for 10 mins (10 min CD). so every 10 mins you can spend 5 silver to not get attacked by other players. So for those who do not want to be bothered with pvp, there is your solution. ” Indeed, it's not only a cash-shop item

  • Official TwitchCon recap and FAQ!

    vegax87 - - News


    On the official Steam page, Neowiz is sharing more details about the upcoming tests and Early Access source:…etail/1451709333279278529 Quote: “Hello, community! As we’ve shared with you previously, a few of us from Bless Online Team attended TwitchCon at Long Beach, CA from October 20th through the 22nd where we got to meet some of our fans and future streaming partners. We were grateful for the opportunity to spend some quality time with some of you and to share t…