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  • yes i loged in today too . i m waiting to release the ranger class in the Rebuild server and then i will test again . That makes no sense to play one time in the old servers and the Rebuild . I played Assasin till 35 lvl on the old ones and Palladin till 43 to the Rebuild . I liked the Palladin but i didnt played a healer class in my whole MMO carreer so i will play Assasin or Ranger . I want to see if they will change things to the Archer because on the Russian version he was very weak at PVP

  • i can check it i have a char in the original game too

  • What's your class?

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    Quote from BeMagnificentt: “ill be going Paladin and Mystic, im not sure which will be my main becasue i love to be main healer but i also like to have decent dps where i can atleast solo without issues but appearantly paladin cant dps well enough to solo. and mystic can but its not main healer. ill probbaly end up taking mystic as my main because i dont want my first character that i level up to take long to solo then ill make my paladin my alt. if i ever get bored i might make an archer but mo…