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    Played BnS with them. Great bunch of people. Welcome to Bless.

  • That's nice. And yeah Bless can do what BnS did, but it won't take long at all before NA/EU are all caught up. I also agree with Nocht that will hurt Bless, especially not releasing with mystic/ranger included, since they're among the most popular classes.

  • Great video mate. I agree with everything you said. But the realist in me is screaming that Bless will most likely fail in the west too. While it has a lot of potential the speed at which content is delivered doesn't even begin to match the speed of other game developers and especially Black Desert. Imo they'll have to step up and release a lot of new content next year as well as very heavy marketing campaigns like you said. I haven't played KR or JP in a while but is optimization still a big is…