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I will be trying out the Rebuild



Worth the wait?



Pinned Bless Early Access on Steam - Would you support it?



Vamos jogar o Rebuild!


True or not?



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  • damselindistress -

    Liked Nito’s post in the thread How to play on the Testserver.

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    Quote from Kahn: “And which is the link I need for buying a korean Account? ” use one of the following sites: seagm.com/de/bless-online-kr/bless-online-game-account newgameway.com/product.php?gid=99#
  • Nocht -

    Replied to the thread I will be trying out the Rebuild.

    Thank you and welcome to the rebuild! Updates are coming to the Rebuild on the 28th with siege of castra, mascu race (with humanoid mascu option).
  • Pentrep -

    Posted the thread I will be trying out the Rebuild.

    I played Bless during it's standard release in KR and am currently downloading the Bless Rebuild client to compare the two ideas. I look forward to contributing to the community.
  • damselindistress -

    Liked sEEEEb’s post in the thread Topic of the Month: The Cash Shop.

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    I don't mind F2P nor the current cash shop. However, I think that B2P is still the best if done correctly. And by correctly I mean the exact opposite of what Black Desert did :whistling:
  • Exo -

    Replied to the thread Worth the wait?.

    I've scoured these forums for a while and finally joined. Been waiting for this game since it's first trailer years ago. Wait may be too long so Im thinking of taking the plunge and trying the Rebuild Server.
  • sCope -

    Replied to the thread Bless Early Access on Steam - Would you support it?.

    Yes 40 - 50 $
  • viramarte -

    Posted the thread Vamos jogar o Rebuild!.

    Aqueles que tem interesse em jogar o rebuild e quiserem se juntar me adicionem no discord TerroR#0947 . ou no facebook facebook.com/victor.rafael.3139 . Aguardo contato!
  • kirill34 -

    Replied to the thread Worth the wait?.

    i lake bless :blesslove:
  • BlessThisMess -

    Replied to the thread Worth the wait?.

    Agree it's better late than never, but I hope they don't take too long, like what happened with ArcheAge and Blade & Soul. Also how many servers will the game launch with? I hope it will be as few as possible because there's nothing worse than an MMO…
  • BlessThisMess -

    Replied to the thread True or not?.

    It is good news that Neowiz will publish the game themselves, but aren't you guys a bit concerned that there isn't a single western publisher that wants to touch this game? Doesn't that ring alarm bells? Bless is pretty much the only MMORPG I'm looking…
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