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Pet Buffs, Cash Shop and PvP Balance



[Pure Luck] - Competitive | Experienced | NA | Heiron



English voice acting in progress



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BLESS - Is it Lineage3 in disguise?



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  • Estekiwi -

    Replied to the thread Pet Buffs, Cash Shop and PvP Balance.

    Lol u're blind ? Are u playing IG ? or only on forum ? The +50% backwalk is OP for ranger check IG, the 3rd slot could fucking good too : +20% dmg for 5sec / 30secCD Something like a 3sec stun counter attack if u take 7% HPdmg + a 20% Pdef/Mdef buff…
  • flyliwa -

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  • flyliwa -

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    The Amistad value freedom, independence, scientific progress, and the various arts such as music and poetry.
  • Korealer -

    Replied to the thread [Pure Luck] - Competitive | Experienced | NA | Heiron.

    Quote from Rapwnzel: “Looking for opinions on the pet items and cash shop from PVPers. How do these non-cosmetic items affect balance, and does it feel P2W? Really excited for game except for these RNG, cash shop only pet buffs. Thanks ~ ” Nothing in…
  • MasterBOX -

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  • MasterBOX -

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    Loyal to his half-brother Victor, Matthias leads the Solar Army against the corrupted nobel rebels. Can he help his half-brother return to the throne?
  • MasterBOX -

    Replied to the thread English voice acting in progress.

    Definitely Adds to the Hype!! Thanks for the share Quote from Pentrep: “ How soon is soon? ” "Soon.." "That's Not Soon Enough!" (Sorry I had too)
  • MasterBOX -

    Liked vegax87’s post in the thread English voice acting in progress.

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    I must admit Brent Miller is really versatile because ranging from Pantera\Lupus to Mascu voices is not easy :D
  • ShizZo -

    Replied to the thread [GUIDE] Secret Materials Room.

    Hey guys, I know this Thread is old, but can someone Tell me Wehre to buy the Cookies to instantloot in the caves? I saw it in an Video but cant find them at any merchant... Playing on JP server