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Whats the general consensus on pets?



Features I believe Bless needs to add if the want it to be a Successful title in the west!



Small Update


Pet/Mount Floating Rarity Orb



Pinned [OFFICIAL] English patch (All servers)



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  • Pentrep -

    Replied to the thread Whats the general consensus on pets?.

    Let's just hope that they deter from the whole P2W aspect. It's a buzzkill for many. They've said they won't do P2W but only time will tell if that comes to fruition.
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    Test_Background.jpg - Guild Leader - Shaze - Server/Region - TBA, Europe - Discord - Checkmate Discord - Application Form - Checkmate Bless Application Form - About Us - Checkmate is a large Competitive PvX guild. We believe that one cannot excel
  • After posting this a week ago I just want to touch up on a few Points THESE ARE MY OPINIONS! #1 Optimization. This honestly isn't even an option. If this game runs like it currently is on the western launch, many players wont even give it a chance. #2…
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    To maintain a mature and fun experience within our community's Discord server, we ask each user to adhere to the below set of rules. - Always be kind and courteous. - No spam. This includes hot micing or spamming any chats. - No links may contain…
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    Welcome guys!
    Hope to convince my wife to start Bless too! We played WOW together from 2009 until 2017.
  • Furia -

    Posted the thread Small Update.

    -Avatars are now a bit larger. Unfortunately, some Avatars are broken and have to be re-uploaded. -New Post Themes (Hidden Content)
  • vegax87 -

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    Post Themes no longer require the Lumena Currency. Everyone can now pick a Background by visiting this link.