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Summary of various interviews








could not enter the servers,client will close.



It's sad and worrisome...



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  • Namus -

    Posted the thread Summary of various interviews.

    Hey guys instead of people having to dig trough various threads for multiple links i thought it would be nice to consolidate all important info from interviews into a single thread. Enjoy :) 1. Early Access is considered as soft launch because there wont…
  • Namus -

    Replied to the thread hardware.

    Quote from Pentrep: “The major concern for most won't really be hardware unless they update graphics, which they can't really do much of. ” Just cause they use UE 3 does not mean they cant rewrite parts of it. In fact many MMOs that use UE 3 had devs…
  • Hako -

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    Berserkers are the perfect example of a threat on the battlefield. Even the Imperial Family acknowledges their prowess.
  • Hako -

    Has received trophy For the Empire!

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    Member of the Hieron Empire. The holy Empire is defending its civilized territory since more than hundred years.
  • Hako -

    Has received trophy Lupus

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    The Lupus are one of the oldest forest races on the continent. They are strong, brave, and make for agile hunters.
  • Pentrep -

    Replied to the thread VPN.

    On KR yes, but not on JP. If your on KR you can turn off VPN on the splash screen.
  • Pentrep -

    Replied to the thread could not enter the servers,client will close..

    I don't know for your client. Just use the portal function if its anything like Soft Ether, it's easy to do.
  • dav112 -

    Posted the thread VPN.

    I already did the registration procedure and my first login. Is there a way to disconnect vpn while I play and go on with regular connection? I tried to disconnect it after file check but it ended closing the client X(
  • Rhajul -

    Liked Weakdayz’s post in the thread All quiet on the Korean front..

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    I feel the KR Rebuild server was "a test server" for the international versions. They had worked on it there for a while until the JPN release came, now they are focusing on getting updates out in JPN because this is the version International servers…
  • Sensei -

    Replied to the thread It's sad and worrisome....

    Quote from DuckyDuck: “ My point is that you are not patient, it hasn't been a year ” Lmao